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The entrance hall is an important transition space for families. It not only provides a spiritual buffer zone for the owner from outdoor to indoor, but also the concentration of the designer's overall design idea. How to design a high-end and practical entrance hall? Come and have a look

the shoe cabinet is suspended 10-15cm

some families see messy slippers on the floor as soon as they enter the door, which is very messy. Why is that? There are still many vacancies in Mingming's shoe cabinet. The main reason is that everyone is afraid of trouble! Don't want to bend down! Is there any way to make these lazy babies put their shoes away automatically

lift the bottom of the shoe cabinet by 10-15cm to store commonly used shoes, so that when you go home to change shoes, you can directly change shoes with your feet and put shoes, without bending over to open the cabinet door. At the same time, it solves the storage problem of shoes and keeps the lobby clean and tidy for a long time

the hall is equipped with a clothes and hats area

a special clothes and hats area is designed in the hall, which is convenient for us to hang our coats, scarves and common bags, so that we don't need to go to the bedroom to wear and change when we go out and enter the door, and the clothes we wear can also be neat

hidden design is more advanced

the so-called "fancy porch can create a sense of luxury" is wrong. Neat and effective hall storage is the key. It is best to customize the shoe cabinet, clothes rack and indoor door into a concealed and integrated design form, and the overall design effect is the most advanced

layered design induction lamp

automatic induction lamps can be set on the top of the hall, inside the shoe cabinet, and on the wall, eliminating the trouble of finding the switch in the dark at home, and making people feel the warmth of home as soon as they enter the door. The design form of layering and zoning creates a variety of artistic effects for the space. From then on, there is no need for manual switching, no noise and more environmental protection

the design of the pass is full of a sense of ceremony

in addition to the storage function, the hall also plays the role of visual zoning, as if to remind visitors and owners that "after passing this area, you are about to enter the house, welcome home". Therefore, at the junction of the entrance hall and the interior, designing some unique passes can not only make the wall vivid and beautiful, but also let people have a "sense of ceremony" when passing through this area





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