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The problem of thoughtless decoration in the new house began to appear later, which brought us a lot of trouble, large and small. The owner sighed: if I install it again, I will definitely install it more perfectly. In order to let you do nothing after Zhugeliang, the small class summarized some decoration regrets that the owners have recently reflected intensively. The owners who plan to decorate may wish to take a closer look

1: the ground clearance of the interior door is too small

regret: the interior door is divided into two, and the outer door is a security door, which opens outward; The inner door is a wooden door. Push it inward. When installing the interior door, the closer the door is, the better. Therefore, the gap between the wooden door and the floor is very small. After check-in, I originally wanted to put a floor mat in the porch, but I didn't expect that the back door could not be pushed open after putting a thick floor mat, and the thin floor mat was easy to move and tilt, so I had to give up the idea of putting a floor mat at last

reminder: when measuring and installing wooden doors, we must give full consideration to the thickness of floors, floor tiles, mats, etc., and reserve more in advance

2: the switch panel is not neat

regret: during the circuit transformation, attention is mainly focused on the wire connection and wiring. After installing the switch panel, it is found that many panels are installed incorrectly, especially the switch panel near the door frame, which is obviously crooked compared with the door frame. Now I feel blocked every time I see it

reminder: installing the panel is actually a very simple job. As long as the electrician uses snacks a little, the panel will not be tilted. The owner should also pay attention to supervision

3: there is oil dirt between the smoke machine and the hanging cabinet

regret: the smoke pipe above my smoke machine is wrapped with the hanging cabinet, but it is not completely wrapped, and there is a gap of about 5 cm between the hanging cabinet and the smoke machine. This gap is very small, so there is no room for anything. After a period of time, it is full of oil, and it is difficult to clean

reminder: the upper part of the cigarette machine is either not covered, or it is completely covered. Do not leave a gap, so as not to hide dirt in the future. This requires full communication with designers when designing cabinets, providing installation data of smoke machines, and full coordination when installing smoke machines and cabinets

4: the wall plug position is not appropriate

regret: considering that there are many electrical appliances in the future, a lot of power sockets were laid on the wall of the room. As a result, it was found after checking in that many power sockets were blocked by furniture, and some sockets were even a few centimeters away. If you spend money in vain, you have to connect the patch panel, which is messy and has potential safety hazards

reminder: before circuit transformation, we must make a detailed plan and determine the location and size of furniture in advance

5: the bedroom light is not made into a double control

regret: the switch of the bedroom is right beside the door, and it turns on as soon as you enter the room. However, before going to bed at night, neither of them is willing to get up and turn off the light. They are hypocritical for a long time every time. If they knew this, they should have installed a double control switch at the head of the bed at the beginning, so as to avoid lying in bed in winter and turning off the light again

reminder: the lighting in the bedroom should be designed to be controlled by the head of the bed. If you can't make dual control lights after you check in, you can refit the switch panel into a remote control, which can also achieve the dual control effect

6: the wall mounted TV is full of cables

regret: when decorating the TV background wall, I patronized the overall effect and ignored its practical function. Now, after the TV is hung on the wall, the power line, video line and network cable below are exposed outside, which is very ugly

reminder: if the owner plans to wall mount LCD TV in his home, he can open a vertical slot on the background wall and install a pipe with a larger diameter. In the future, all cables will be connected to the TV through this pipe from the bottom, so that the cables will not be exposed. If the TV cabinet is of standard height, even if the TV is placed on the TV cabinet, the nozzle can be blocked without affecting the appearance effect

7: the space between the background decorative paintings is left small

regret: when decorating the living room, the background decorative paintings are hung first, and then the sofa is bought. The size of decorative painting is 0.6m× 0.6m, with a total length of 3.6m and a spacing of 0.4m for each of four pieces. At that time, I thought it was very beautiful when hanging it, but as soon as the 4.2m long sofa was placed on it, it seemed that the decorative painting was too small, and the spacing would be better if it were larger

reminder: before hanging the background decorative painting, we must determine the length of the living room and the size of the sofa. After considering these factors, we can decide the spacing of the decorative painting. Otherwise, if it is reworked, nail holes will be left on the wall

8: there is always water near the floor drain

regret: after check-in, every time after taking a bath, there is always a small pool of water on the ground near the floor drain, and the ground is always wet, which is very troublesome

reminder: the reason for water storage near the floor drain is that the location of the floor drain is not the lowest point, that is, the floor drain is higher than the location of water storage, and the water cannot be left in the floor drain, resulting in ponding. The reason for this phenomenon is not only the installation of floor drains, but also the laying of floor tiles. To avoid ponding, the floor drain should not only be the lowest point of the whole bathroom floor, but also the lowest point of the ceramic tile. If the floor drain is located between two tiles or on one tile, the tiles need to be cut into several pieces during paving, so as to form the lowest point. It is suggested that the owner should communicate with the workers before laying the tiles. During the acceptance, water can be splashed on the ground to observe whether there is ponding. If there is ponding, rework must be required





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