How to use the telescopic door is the hard truth

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How to use the telescopic door is the hard truth

editor: Ronggao intelligent doors and windows

retractable doors have brought a lot of convenience to human life, but the most convenient retractable doors should have the correct use method

first of all, when the machine head or door body is stuck with sundries when opening and closing the door, you should immediately press " Stop "e; Key or cut off the power supply, and then remove sundries to avoid unnecessary losses

secondly, when you need to close the door, you can press "e on the control box or remote control; Off "e; Key, the door body will run in the direction of closing the door at a constant speed until it is in place, and then it will stop automatically. When you want to stop the operation of the door body, press "e; Stop "e; Key stops running

finally, the door body should be wiped frequently to keep the door body clean and beautiful. It is forbidden to wipe it with hard objects to avoid scratching the surface of the door row and affecting the appearance

the retractable door provides 99 points of convenience for you. You need to use it with 1 point of sincerity for joint maintenance and give you an intelligent life

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