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The 18th China (Guangzhou) Construction Expo is in full swing. In the past three days, the 5.2 exhibition hall was blocked all the way because of the "platform" of simi cabinet, and an endless stream of people received gifts, stopped to take photos, and visited the exhibition hall

the 18th China (Guangzhou) Construction Expo is in full swing. In the past three days, the exhibition hall of 5.2 has been blocked all the way because of the "platform" of Si Mi's cabinet. Si Mi in booth 16 is facing each other from head to toe, and an endless stream of people receive gifts, stop to take photos, and enter the museum to visit

of course, the SMI exhibition hall is so popular that they have contributed to the debut of three new products of SMI. Wansenna's fresh and natural, Giverny's literary youth, card gentleman's elegance, three sets of cabinets, three different styles, but the same high-value and multi-function make the small partners who enter the hall love it, and they are full of praise for SMI's new products. What are their outstanding features? Now let's reveal the mystery for you:


wansenna, hearing this name, you will feel green and lush. In China, there is a kind of seclusion called "great seclusion in the city", and in France, there is a kind of slow life longing called "wansenna", which allows urban elites living in the hustle and bustle to live a life of returning to nature. A simiwansenna cabinet shows the return of the practical industrial style after the bustling appearance has faded. Without complexity and noise, pressure and burden, the body and mind feel relaxed in such a corner

the unique ice flower black stone pattern and golden walnut texture represent the color trend of respecting nature, as if releasing the fresh air gathered by large lakes, woodlands and small rivers thousands of kilometers away

the advanced raukantex plate laser edge banding technology and ABS edge banding belt have created a 3D laser plate that does not accept dirt, mildew, formaldehyde leakage, edge rising, swelling and fire prevention. It is not only extremely green and environmentally friendly, but also has a service life twice that of the traditional double decorative panel

the simple storage system delicately meets the basic needs of life, and does not allow too many decorations to affect the forest like simplicity. In my spare time, I have a small gathering at the home of relatives and friends. Leisure and entertainment are in the arms of "wansenna", interwoven with a Forest Rhapsody


maybe not everyone is suitable for small fresh style, but few people will resist small fresh. Giverny cabinet is such a Nordic "girl" who is easy to fall in love at first sight. It has a literary and artistic flavor precipitated from 1945, but it is wearing an eternal youthful vitality

the imported PVC blister door panel has a rare color of lake green and white mahogany. The texture and hollowing process restore the real scenes such as forest pastoral fence and wooden plank road, creating a distinctive French romance

open a cabinet door, and the laminate lights or beam lights are turned on at the same time, which brings a lot of convenience to find items, and the unique storage of pots and pans solves the kitchen space problems of many Chinese families

pushing and pulling the solid wood drawer, each expansion and contraction seems to bring a cool breeze, which makes people yearn for French countryside infinitely. Across the Seine River Valley, through lush forests and green pastures, "Giverny" takes us from the inside to the outside, returning to rural simplicity


see card, you can listen to the most beautiful notes. The combination of high gloss ebony parquet and elegant white high gloss piano parquet door panels, as well as the embellishment of golden handle free, exudes the elegant temperament of the prince of Cade piano. Approaching it, your fingers involuntarily play on the black-and-white keys. It's not the melody that commands you, but the melody that creates everything. Card, tough but not rigid, under the appearance of minimalist style, contains the ultimate intelligent storage system

blum high and low drawers are perfectly matched, which improves the storage space by 33%

the embedded refrigerator and the fully embedded dishwasher are beautiful and free your hands at the same time. You no longer have to worry about being tied up by housework and can no longer spare time to spend time with your family

the product is also equipped with a humanized portable socket, which can not only be used for wireless charging, but also as a Bluetooth speaker. Cooking is no longer boring

at the same time, the black and gray mosaic wall pendant shows taste and dignity, and the strong sense of design makes every space fully and reasonably used and sublimated into artistic enjoyment

card, just like a low-key gentleman, is still elegant after the test of years. Every contact is an extreme life experience, and every communication has new surprises. So love slowly accumulates and becomes more persistent. Cade, born with excellence, born with excellence





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