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Office building is people's office space, another name for professional commercial office buildings. Strictly speaking, office buildings cannot be used for living. The original meaning of office buildings refers to buildings used for office, or buildings composed of offices. The role of office buildings is to collect information, make decisions, deal with paperwork and manage other forms of economic activities

the advent of the Internet era has triggered the enthusiasm of all people to start businesses. People actively set up their own companies or studios in office buildings. Entrepreneurs may have good product concepts and marketing strategies, but they do not understand or pay attention to the decoration of office buildings. The office building is not only the office space for employees, but also the facade of the company and the platform to display themselves, creating an atmosphere of work struggle. The office building decoration design is simple and atmospheric or creative, which is conducive to the development of future business. Now let's take a look at the decoration process and precautions of the office building

I The process of office building decoration

step 1: choose a decoration company in the negotiation design stage, negotiate on-site investigation, propose scheme style selection

step 2: sign a design contract in the contract stage, evaluate the depth scheme budget, sign a decoration contract

step 3: the construction decoration materials engineering team enters the hydropower construction, mud wood construction, electrical installation, sanitary ware installation

step 4: check the acceptance and verification project, check the completion of the decoration payment

2、 Precautions

first, choose the right decoration company first

people are used to dividing decoration companies into two categories: home decoration companies and public decoration companies. There are many types of public decoration, and office decoration is only one of them. Before choosing an office decoration company, we must first make clear this problem. Whether the decoration company we will choose belongs to public decoration or home decoration. Although they are all engaged in decoration, the requirements of public decoration and home decoration are different, and the differences are still great. These differences are mainly reflected in: design, materials, technology, lighting, color and so on

Second, office building decoration design

in terms of design, the reception area of office space generally needs a logo wall (also known as image wall) and reception desk. The logo wall mainly plays a role in displaying the company's corporate culture, attributes and strength. Its design should meet the requirements of enterprise VI, while there is no such design requirement for home decoration. In addition, the office design of the chairman and general manager of the company should fully consider their respective preferences, gender, personality, age, culture and other characteristics. Only in this way can we make a design that meets their requirements. The design of the meeting room should be generous and high-grade, and the design of the public office space should be humanized. These requirements have certain challenges to the ability of designers; There are also differences with home decoration design: the design of office space must avoid similarities. The same style will give customers a very uncomfortable feeling, while home decoration design can be copied from each other. Owners generally do not know whether their own design is different from others' homes; The design of office space should also fully consider the problems of fire control or emergency evacuation. In case of an emergency, how to retreat calmly, personnel flow, etc., while home decoration does not need to consider these. In addition, there are strong, weak current, network cable wiring, etc

third, the problem of office building decoration materials

there are many different materials for decoration, such as walls, home decoration, more use of latex paint, wall cloth, wallpaper, and public decoration, in addition, there are aluminum plastic panels, fire boards, perforated sound-absorbing boards, etc; For the top part, gypsum board is mostly used for home decoration, while mineral wool board and grille ceiling are mostly used for public decoration; There are also differences in specifications of the materials used for the ground. In addition to these, some materials are commonly used in office space decoration, but rarely used in home decoration, such as stainless steel, tempered glass, acrylic, PVC, floor springs, grille lights, and network cables

fourth, the construction process of office building decoration

the public decoration process is much more stringent than the home decoration process. For example, the production process of logo wall in office space decoration is much more complex than that of TV wall in home decoration; The operating procedures for strong current construction are more strict. Care should be taken not only when crossing pipelines to avoid scratching the insulation layer, but also to do bridging protection to prevent electrostatic ignition from causing fire. For the lighting of lighting office space, the designer should choose different lighting according to different functional areas, calculate the reasonable lighting degree of different functional areas, and also consider the full use of natural light. The lighting of home decoration is much simpler. Generally, the owner can choose it according to his preferences and then let people install it

that's all about the office decoration process. I hope it can help you. If you want to know more about it, you can pay attention to the information





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