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Alibaba cloud's participation in two national engineering laboratories was approved

recently, the national development and Reform Commission announced the list of big data national engineering laboratories. The National Engineering Laboratory of industrial big data application technology and the National Engineering Laboratory of big data system software participated by Alibaba cloud were approved and recognized as the only National Engineering Laboratory in the field of industrial big data application and big data system software

the former is jointly built by Beijing Aerospace Data Co., Ltd. under Aerospace cloud and Alibaba cloud. The latter is led by Tsinghua University and Beijing University of technology. Alibaba cloud supports the laboratory to develop the full life cycle big data system software and its open source innovation platform system

the national engineering laboratory undertakes the important task of national scientific and technological innovation. This time, a total of 19 national fiber material tensile testing machine engineering laboratories have been approved, including 11 in the big data field and 8 in the Internet + field. It is suitable for large tensile forces

it is reported that in the future planning of the National Engineering Laboratory for industrial big data application technology, Alibaba cloud will be responsible for the cloud computing big data infrastructure platform. The reason for participating in industry related algorithm services is the improper construction and maintenance of processing caused by openly ignoring the established processing procedures and the guidance provided by material manufacturers. At the same time, it supports the integration of Aerospace Science and industry resources, and carries out research and pilot industry applications in industrial measurement and control technology

zhushouyu, deputy general manager of aerospace cloud Corporation and chairman of Beijing Aerospace Data Co., Ltd., said: the construction of the National Engineering Laboratory for industrial big data application technology is an important step for the country to implement the made in China 2025 and big data action plan. Aerospace cloud will work with Alibaba cloud and other laboratory co construction units to fully cooperate with all parties in the industry to build a world-class industrial big data laboratory

according to the Boston Consulting Report, new technologies such as cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence can bring an additional value of $6trillion to China's manufacturing industry in the future

since january2016, Alibaba cloud has launched the big data platform digital plus, and announced at the Guangdong yunqi conference that it will provide technical and artificial intelligence support for the transformation of manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing

at present, a series of industrial manufacturing enterprises such as GCL PV, XCMG and BYD have adopted Alibaba cloud technology and achieved remarkable results in improving production efficiency and opening up all links of the industrial chain. GCL used new big data technology to increase the yield by 1% and successfully saved hundreds of millions of costs

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