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CEO of AkzoNobel: Innovation in the paint and coating industry has been in a steady state

CEO of AkzoNobel: Innovation in the paint and coating industry has been in a steady state

may 22, 2019

according to Thierry vanlanker, CEO of AkzoNobel, innovation in the paint and coating industry has been in a steady state. AkzoNobel has just completed the first paint and coating startup challenge to change this situation. We talked with him at the award ceremony

thierry vanlanker, CEO of Akzo nobe, hopes to repeat the challenge in the near future

why did you decide to start this startup challenge

thierry vanlanker: the idea of starting such a competition has actually been going on for some time. As a company, we have been focusing on open innovation. If you look at the coating industry, there will be some unstable factors in innovation, because there are too many products and daily sustainable development. Therefore, in this sense, we have been looking for ways to achieve real open innovation projects. We had a very natural dialogue with our partner KPMG. We piloted another part, AkzoNobel's chemistry part, to start the challenge and truly connect with the network

how do you decide which companies will meet Amsterdam professionals on the shortlist and which will win the prize

vanlancker: Well, we have about 160 companies applying, which is an overwhelming number. Of course, you can't have so many companies participating in such activities. Therefore, we chose according to the following criteria: is it really applicable to coatings and coatings, is it novel or have we actually used it? Is it applicable or commercializable in the foreseeable future? But is it really ready for the application or is it still experimental? This makes us 21 companies

then, we have a jury, half of which are our own people and half are outsiders. We look at 21 companies and give awards to five winners. But the reality is that all 21 ideas have been very applicable, and I think that as we further develop, this will become a network of dialogue

what will be the next step for the winners of the paint the future award? To sum up, is it the relevant introduction of the working principle and advantages of the mechanical performance testing machine

vanlancker: it depends on the winner. But if you take away the fourorfive winners we have, there are already meetings, whether purchase contracts or development contracts. I think for most of them, whether they are technicians or businessmen, it will be an agreement that more than 3/4 of them are hot air plastic granulators, and we can start commercialization. This is not just an event, it is just one of the milestones of a continuous innovation cycle

do you plan to hold another paint the future challenge in the foreseeable future

vanlancker: Yes, actually it must be a process. Otherwise it would be a big event with a new idea, and everyone would go home. Therefore, since our goal is to make this part of open innovation and establish a connected laboratory outside our laboratory, we must continue to do so. We haven't decided if it will be in 12 months or 18 months, because you need to have enough new ideas come in. But I can imagine that somewhere within the 18 month time frame, there will be a paint in the future 2020 or 2021. Yes, it will be a recurring event for us

interview conducted by Jan gesthuizen

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