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On April 17, Alibaba communications announced that it was the first to complete the self built billing system. It is reported that Alibaba communications will take traffic management as the core, open up all keyboard based Alibaba system businesses such as Taobao, Alipay and cloud OS, and provide interconnected communication services

in late March, Alibaba communications announced on its microblog the first 170 number that can be used by different circles within the external pull range to call for testing. At present, it is undergoing the final internal test adjustment. It is expected to open the appointment of the smart number in early May and officially launch in June. It is reported that Alibaba communications has obtained the resale qualification of Chinatelecom, China Mobile and China Unicom. Alibaba communications will use segment 170, segment 1700 is Chinatelecom, segment 1705 is China Mobile, and segment 1709 is China Unicom

or curve comparison and curve amplification

Alibaba communications disclosed that in the future, the 170 number service will abandon the complicated tariff package design and adopt a simple lazy billing mode to provide users with a cost-effective tariff scheme according to the actual monthly usage

Alibaba stretch experiment carried out communication between the upper crossbeam of the host and the mobile crossbeam. Gideon, general manager, said that Alibaba communication will continue to launch various innovative value-added services around the e-commerce ecology, the Internet service chain and Alibaba's cloud computing and big data advantages accumulated over the years

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