The most popular alkali recovery project of Ningxi

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The alkali recovery project of Ningxia Meili Paper Co., Ltd. was put into operation recently. It is estimated that the direct discharge of papermaking black liquor to the Yellow River will be reduced by 5.9 million tons each year, and the industrial wastewater pollution load in Ningxia section of the Yellow River will be reduced by 17%

paper making industry is the dominant industry in Ningxia. Over the years, 40 straw pulp and paper enterprises have been established successively. However, due to the lack of necessary sewage treatment facilities, it has become the main pollution source in Ningxia section of the Yellow River. It is understood that at present, there are only 21 paper-making enterprises above Designated Size in Ningxia, which directly discharge 35million tons of industrial waste water exceeding the standard into the Yellow River every year. Among them, Ningxia Meili Paper Co., Ltd. discharges 35 million tons of waste water into the Yellow River every year, accounting for the whole region. Strengthening economic and trade cooperation with relevant countries and regions can also help extend the shelf life of food, provide product information and show the brand image It is more convenient for consumers to use 20% of the total sewage discharge

it is understood that Ningxia Meili Paper Co., Ltd. has invested more than 170million yuan to build the alkali recovery environmental protection and energy conservation project since October 1997. After the alkali recovery project is put into operation, it can not only reduce the pollution load of the enterprise by 85%, but also recover 12000 tons of caustic soda every year

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