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Alibaba logistics're issuance: tmall has signed a contract with more than 100 postal cities to "reach the next day"

2012 "double 11" express myth of handling more than 30million packages per day for a continuous week, which may be more crazy this year

yesterday (May 30), tmall, an e-commerce enterprise under Alibaba group, signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement for 2013 with the national team "China Post Group" on the basis of last year's joint efforts with 9 fast tri Mack delivery enterprises including SF, Shentong, Yuantong and Yunda

according to the data disclosed by tmall at the signing site, in 2012, on the premise that tmall provided data forecasts, it exceeded the "5billion yuan" business development goal agreed in the framework agreements with 9 express companies, and the actual amount achieved was nearly 10billion yuan. It is expected that this year, 10 express companies will jointly provide specific answers in the next issue: at the end of the year, enterprises will open no less than 100 "next day must reach" service cities, covering more than 70% of consumers of tmall, and will jointly contribute no less than 20billion yuan of new transaction volume to the express industry

the daily economy learned at yesterday's China express industry (International) development conference that tmall and 10 express companies will focus on "data integration and analysis" this year. After predicting the corresponding service needs of merchants and consumers through data backtracking, monitoring and prediction, tmall will carry out active services to change the status of passive logistics inquiries and complaints

"among them, the abnormal situations of express enterprises in the Express link will be taken as the focus of data management and actively opened to the participation of sellers." Tmall said that Party A and Party B of the agreement will jointly promote the "24-hour delivery" and "next day's arrival" of tmall shopping and enter the RMB 3 pioneer production line service

Gong Tao, general manager of the logistics division of Alibaba group, said that at present, more than 52% of consumers nationwide can receive packages within two days. He also revealed that in 2012, Alibaba and China's express delivery industry jointly supported more than 1.2 trillion yuan of e-commerce transactions, accounting for more than 85% of the entire purchase market. In 2012, Alibaba Group cooperated with the express industry to complete an average of 12million packages per day, accounting for nearly 60% of the total packages in the society. "The average growth rate of the nine express companies cooperating with tmall is much higher than 54.8%." Gong Tao pointed out

in addition, China Post Group signed a cooperation agreement with tmall yesterday on "self delivery service", China Post quickly held a large poster with his picture on it, and Logistics Co., Ltd. signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement with tmall on "cash on delivery" service, and SF signed a cooperation agreement with tmall on "pre contracted delivery" service

this means that tmall and China Post EMS will jointly launch the cash on delivery service covering 31 provinces across the country. At the same time, it has cooperated with SF to open reservation distribution services in 78 cities

just two days ago (May 28), "cainiaolo Technology Co., Ltd." jointly established by Alibaba group, Yintai group, Fosun Group, Fuchun group, SF group, three links and one da (Shentong, Yuantong, Zhongtong, Yunda) and other companies was officially established, and the "China intelligent backbone" project was launched. The cooperation with the top ten express companies this time echoes the "rookie network" and explores and paves the way for the logistics products and services at the consumer end

in 2012, the domestic express business volume totaled 5.7 billion pieces, a year-on-year increase of 55%, and the express business revenue reached 106billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 40%. According to the latest data learned at the conference yesterday, the express business volume is expected to reach 8billion pieces in 2013, with a year-on-year increase of 40%, and the express revenue will reach 140billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 33%. (daily economy)

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