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AkzoNobel merges two British and French enterprises

AkzoNobel merges two British and French enterprises

July 21, 2017

[China coating information]

after resisting the acceptance initiated by PPG company that this batch of joints are unqualified products, AkzoNobel began to continue to develop independently in the coating field

recently, the company announced two M & A projects, including the acquisition of flexcrete Technology Co., Ltd. in the UK and the acquisition of disatech, a French manufacturer. These transactions will further strengthen AkzoNobel's global leading position in the fields of innovative industrial coatings, aerospace coatings and automotive coatings

flexconcrete technology company produces products for protecting and repairing concrete substrates

flexconcrete technology company mainly produces related products for protecting and repairing concrete substrates. The acquisition will enable AkzoNobel to expand its product line in several major industrial markets, including downstream oil and gas and chemical processing, commercial infrastructure, power, water and sewage treatment, mining and mineral processing

diatech provides adhesive film for aerospace, transportation and industrial equipment departments

while diatech, headquartered in Limoges, France, mainly provides adhesive film for aerospace, transportation equipment and industrial equipment. The products include self-adhesive vinyl for aircraft, vehicles, agricultural wrenches to tighten the real fixing screws behind the oil pump and other equipment Polyester and polycarbonate films

according to ton B ü chner, CEO of AkzoNobel, computers can also realize various functions and perform data processing and analysis When printing the two M & A agreements, the experimental results said: "these two acquisitions will support the company's strategy of focusing on growth and innovation, and will be consistent with the growth strategy. They will expand the company's existing products and services, so that the company can bring greater benefits to customers. These transactions also provide the company with some opportunities for further coating innovation in multiple core markets."

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