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Seizing the opportunity of artificial intelligence, xindianyi strives to break through the "bottleneck" of domestic chips

it is difficult for a person to live without a heart. Similarly, without a chip, the world will not work normally. It can be said that a chip is a symbol of a country's manufacturing industry and scientific and technological strength. In recent years, although the "bottleneck" constraints of chips in some manufacturing fields in China are easing, they still rely on a large number of imports every year

the government has attached great importance to it. In order to speed up the construction of a manufacturing power and promote the development of integrated circuits, fifth generation mobile communications and other industries, representatives and members of the industry have made suggestions to fundamentally solve the "bottleneck" of chips

the restriction of chips has been eased, and the current situation of a large number of imports remains unchanged.

for a long time, many core components in China have come from abroad, and cameras and memory modules have been restricted by foreign manufacturers This once became the "bottleneck" restricting the development of China's manufacturing sector

it is gratifying that many years of investment has finally paid off, and this problem is gradually alleviated. The gap between the "nuclear high base" project and foreign countries has been shortened from more than 15 years to five years. The "neck sticking" problem of a number of core electronic devices that have long been dependent on imports has been alleviated, and some Chinese enterprises in the field of artificial intelligence chips are showing the global level. A good example is that the chips independently developed by Xingguang China chip engineering have successfully occupied about 60% of the global market for computer image input chips

the development of chip industry is inseparable from the attention and investment of the state. Since 2014, China has successively issued the outline for promoting the development of the national integrated circuit industry, established the national integrated circuit industry investment fund, increased the investment layout of the integrated circuit industry, significantly improved the self-sufficiency rate of integrated circuits, and effectively alleviated the constraints

although China has made breakthroughs in some areas of the integrated circuit industry, it is still far behind as a whole. The current situation of a large number of chip imports has not fundamentally changed

without chips, there is no information. The anvickers hardness test is also an indentation test method. The core technology and chips are the "lifeblood" of all kinds of intelligent information systems. Although there are domestic chips in many products, high-end chips or equipment are still rare. Integrated circuit is a strategic industry. Once relaxed, it will miss decades. We must attach great importance to it and achieve leaps. If the core technology is controlled by others, it will cause hidden dangers to China's information security

China has invested relatively late in key fields and core technologies. After decades of technology accumulation, European, American, Japanese and Korean enterprises have basically mastered the core technology of chip design and established a monopoly situation. We have many difficulties in "Overtaking around the corner" in core technology

an important reason for restricting industrial development is the lack of personnel. In addition, the financing difficulties, poor anti-interference ability and expensive problems faced by enterprises have led to high innovation costs for science and technology enterprises. In addition, some major special funds are more stuck in R & D institutions, making it difficult to enter innovative small and medium-sized enterprises, which have become bottlenecks restricting enterprise innovation

new opportunities in the era of artificial intelligence

chips are also known as a country's "industrial forage". In the era of artificial intelligence, chips play a more prominent role as the "brain" and "soul" of information systems. They must be laid out in advance in order to realize "overtaking on curves"

with the arrival of the era of artificial intelligence, we should take the lead in strengthening the R & D and innovative application of artificial intelligence chips in several fields, such as e-commerce, social networking, intelligent manufacturing, health care, transportation and travel, which are relatively concentrated and active in network platforms and big data applications, relying on the advantages of users and data scale

at the same time, we should make good use of the two "swords" of policy and market, and promote the dust and other impurities in the electrical box should be cleaned before power on. The core key technologies and parts should be intensively tackled and industrialized. When we focus on increasing policy support for the innovation and application of core technologies, we should avoid the decentralization of scientific research and innovation

we should also grasp the advantages in talents, funds, policies and other aspects, learn from the mature development route of foreign countries, and strive to surpass in local areas. In addition, we should give full play to the broad advantages of domestic and foreign markets, research and develop chips around independent standards and intellectual property rights in some fields, build new industrial models and ecological chains, and strive to achieve "overtaking at corners"

China's chip industry should be deeply integrated with the world, and "leading the way" is a good idea. Accelerating the innovation cooperation with countries along the line can quickly catch up with the development speed of foreign countries. At present, TCL is ready to carry out technology introduction and innovation cooperation with Israel and other countries

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