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COREMAIL e-mail system to build a collaborative government information platform

project background

the original e-mail system of the Zhejiang provincial government was built in 2004 because it still needs to lose the deformation layer. This paper introduces in detail the function and principle of the servo valve in the new era of Jinan, which mainly provides e-mail services for the leaders of the provincial government and the government staff of more than 40 provincial departments. With the continuous growth of mail demand, the user design capacity of the original mail system of the provincial government is small, the storage space is insufficient, the system function is poor, and you are welcome to consult. There are many single points of failure and other problems are becoming increasingly prominent; At the same time, the mailbox has weak anti garbage, anti-virus and anti information leakage capabilities. These problems have brought great pressure to the overall operation of the provincial government email system to a certain extent. In order to better improve the efficiency of government services, the Zhejiang provincial government decided to replace the original mail system by improving the construction standards and engineering quality, and required the new mail system contractor to have tens of millions of successful cases of users and rich experience in system construction. With the successful cases of a large number of government affairs and mailbox operators such as e-mail and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, COREMAIL email email system passed through layers of screening and was finally selected by the Zhejiang provincial government

project requirements

the Zhejiang provincial government requires to build a set of high-capacity, high-performance, scalable, safe and reliable e-mail system to provide convenient, fast and personalized e-mail services for provincial government leaders and provincial department staff. The maximum user carrying capacity of the system should reach 200000, and the capacity of each mailbox should reach 1g. In addition to excellent system performance, COREMAIL mail mail system is also required to be deeply integrated with Zhejiang government affairs communication system and Zhejiang provincial government portal to achieve user unity


e-mail system is an application with intensive processing capacity and huge data storage capacity, which requires the system to have high performance and high scalability, and can adapt to the growing e-mail service needs of government departments. The design principle of this Zhejiang provincial government e-mail system project is simple and practical, fully functional, safe and efficient, and the system is unified and compatible

stable and higher distributed system structure

coremail mail mail system adopts distributed structure design, and the program is encapsulated by modules. The same module can be distributed to different servers for concurrent processing, and the same server can run multiple modules, giving full play to the performance of hardware equipment, so that the system expansion is simple and fast, and load balancing is easy to achieve. COREMAIL has provided the core technology of mail system for many domestic front-line mail service operators such as e-mail and China Mobile 139 mailbox for many years, and the actual number of users is more than 600million. With the deployment and service experience of super large mail system, COREMAIL can meet the requirements of Zhejiang provincial government for high stability and high performance of mail system

the faster secondary storage system

coremail mail mail system adopts the secondary storage system, the mail header and the letter body are stored separately, and the letter body storage adopts the multi cylinder technology to store a large number of letters with fewer files; Use efficient index search algorithm, and use the strategy of letter pre reading and writing after deletion to reduce the load of the system and improve the running speed of the system and the reading speed of users; Users only need to keep a single copy to save storage space when sending emails in groups

government information collaboration platform, secondary development and integration

COREMAIL according to the organizational structure management and actual use needs of the Zhejiang provincial government, investigated and evaluated the system integration needs of the government link and the portal, and completed the integrated design scheme of the unified information platform according to the required coding specifications, which not only ensures the synchronization of the organizational structure and user information, but also ensures the mutual compatibility between the application systems

1. Integrate with Zhejiang provincial government affairs link system

users can log in to Zhejiang provincial government affairs link to realize single sign on to COREMAIL email email system and new email arrival reminder; After the COREMAIL email system is embedded in the government affairs link, SMS and instant message can be used to remind the other party when sending email; At the same time, the address book of Guantong and the address book of COREMAIL email email system are updated synchronously, so that clicking the "friend contact" of Guantong can directly send email to the other party

2. Integration with portal content management system

after the integration of COREMAIL mail mail system and Zhejiang provincial government portal content management system, the function of mail subscription station information can be realized on the station, and the relevant information and application services of the station can be pushed to subscribers according to different user classifications through the mail system

project achievement

coremail's stable, high-speed, easy to expand distributed system architecture effectively solves the problem of large-scale e-mail application of Zhejiang provincial government; The professional after-sales technical team and comprehensive system functions guarantee the operation and use of the system without gaps. Through the system integration and unification through secondary development, the COREMAIL mail system has been seamlessly integrated with the Zhejiang provincial government office, Zhejiang government affairs link and the portal, further improving the overall application level of the provincial government portal

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