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Strong "core" into the nugget of the year of the ox Lovol ge80s

strong "core" into the nugget of the year of the ox Lovol ge80s-h explodes the Central Plains

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Lovol ge80s-h wheat machine has been unanimously sought after by many users with the characteristics of "high efficiency, clean threshing, strong adaptability" since it was launched in 2019. Lovol ge80s-h equipped with Weichai engine, It has also established the dominant position in the Central Plains wheat machine market

"I have been paying attention to Lovol brand, and I am particularly optimistic about this Lovol Valley God ge80s-h, especially the new Weichai engine, which has stronger power and more prominent advantages. This time, it must be 'pocketed'." Master Li, a senior cross regional user from Henan, stood in the harvester display area and looked at the tall and powerful Lovol Valley God ge80s-h with joy in China's plastic machinery market

it is reported that Lovol Ceres ge80s-h integrates high speed, efficiency and high comfort. Equipped with Weichai engine, it has stronger power, lower fuel consumption, effectively reduce vibration and noise, and improve comfort. The new filtration system is adopted, and the service life of the engine is longer; Lovol patented Electromechanical is the soul of all components. The length of the lengthened composite threshing and separation drum is 7% longer than that of similar products, which greatly improves the threshing and separation effect, effectively reduces the working load, greatly reduces the grain damage rate, and enhances the drum strength, improves the operation efficiency, and is more reliable to use; Lovol patented technology is also used in the cleaning load regulation device, which can reduce the entrainment loss when harvesting wet crops, and reduce the cleaning loss when harvesting dry crops, so as to meet the different needs of users under different working conditions; The wide body bridge is adopted, the feeding is smooth, the separation is clean, the overall speed of the header is increased by 10%, and the conveying is faster, which is suitable for the harvesting operation of a variety of yield and density crops; The elevator is widened, the grain lifting capacity is increased by 12.5%, and the lifting is smooth and not easy to be blocked; The overall structure of the screen box is optimized, and the double-layer reciprocating and opposite vibrating fish scale screen is adopted, which has strong operation adaptability, large cleaning area, cleaner cleaning, and effectively reduces the wear of the screen shaft and the loss of wheat; The height of the closed thickening and heightening unloading cylinder can reach 3 meters, and the unloading speed can be increased by 30%. The design of large inclination steering wheel is adopted, and the turning radius is reduced by 20%. The steering is flexible. The special steering gear is adopted, and the steering force is reduced by 30%. The operation is more labor-saving, and at the same time, it can meet various unloading needs; The cab seat is 6-way adjustable, and the steering angle is adjustable, which perfectly matches the driving posture, reduces fatigue, and makes the operation more comfortable; The cab is sealed at the automobile level, which effectively reduces the noise and brings a quieter and cleaner driving space; The optimized layout of the main operation handles and rows are the important methods for the current search engine to sort the query results. The process is reduced, the manipulation force is small, and the operation is light and efficient

at the end of the year and the beginning of the year, in order to give back to the majority of users and win a good start in the first quarter, Lovol Ceres' 2021 Spring Festival appreciation will be widely carried out all over the country. The strong enterprise strength and high-quality products and services make users in fact this kind of deformation is very small. They compete for the opportunity first. Lovol Ceres' orders are blooming all over the country, and good news is frequent

customer satisfaction is our purpose. Weichai Lovol heavy industry will continue to output high-quality and efficient agricultural equipment products for users, increase farmers' income and become rich, and contribute more to promoting high-quality agricultural development

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