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Plastic bottles made of corn open a new revolution in environmental protection

although it is just a small water container, its year-on-year increase of 21.25% is likely to lead to a new revolution. Recently, the first batch of biodegradable water bottles began to be sold in the UK market. Environmentalists hope that the listing of biodegradable plastic bottles can reverse the terrible trend of increasing plastic waste

plastic bottles made of corn

according to the British Independent 29, this kind of plastic water bottle is made by belu, a company committed to manufacturing environmental protection products. It is reported that this "biological water bottle" is made of corn and can bear the weight of half a liter of Welsh mineral water. With the promotion of commercial composting, it can decompose within 12 weeks. If it is placed in household compost, the degradation time needs to be longer, about 9 months to 1 year

Belu company said that the new product they launched will continue to stimulate consumer demand for biodegradable products. A person in charge of the company said, "think about how much plastic bottles made of corn will contribute to the earth."

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bottled water does great damage to the environment

although it is welcomed by environmental protection organizations, it is still unknown whether this measure will have enough influence on today's garbage filled society. Many environmentalists doubt that bottled water reflects an important question, that is, whether consumers really need to buy so many goods in order to reduce weight and cost. A recent survey conducted by the Earth Policy Association in the United States shows that bottled water is 10000 times more harmful to the environment than tap water because it needs to be extracted, packaged and transported. However, the sales of bottled water have increased by 57% in the past 10 years, reaching 154billion liters in 2004

has "huge" market potential

however, belu officials said that people will always need these drinks, and biodegradable water bottles still have the potential of "Beijing chemical industry No. 3 plant"

it is reported that the retail price of this "biological water bottle" is 45p. Belu said that every time consumers buy one of these biodegradable water bottles, they can provide one person living in India or Africa with drinking water for a month

source: China's plastics industry

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