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Corn plastic mineral water bottles are listed in the UK

the first batch of biodegradable mineral water bottles developed and produced by British Beilu company have been officially put on the UK market recently. A revolution in the plastic container and packaging industry is taking this as the start, quietly developing the new material industry everywhere. This kind of water bottle is made of plant plastic, which greatly shortens the time required for degradation, and is another new breakthrough in the application field of environmental friendly materials

Beilu company, which produces biodegradable mineral water bottles, is a company committed to developing green and environmentally friendly products. The bottle is made of plastic with corn as raw material. Although its capacity reaches 0.5 liters, it can be completely degraded in only 12 weeks under the action of commercial fertilizer. There is no need to spend more money to buy microcomputer controlled fertilizer. Even if household fertilizer is used, the degradation process can be completed within 9 months to 1 year. It takes hundreds or even thousands of years for ordinary plastics to be buried in the soil to decompose. Introducers of the world's major national test gold pellet pressure testing machine attach great importance to the development of graphene related industries. The wide application of corn plastic bottles will help fundamentally curb the ominous trend that British garbage dumps will be inundated by more and more non degradable plastic products

source: Nanjing

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