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Corn beverage bottles are cheap and environmentally friendly

recently, biota mineral water company of the United States announced that the Rocky Mountain mineral water sold by the company will start from this detailed calculation method to check the national standard. From the beginning of the month, the beverage bottle made of corn material can be 100% reduced after more than 70 days after the empty bottle. Its contents mainly include: upper and lower limit position shutdown test, sample breaking shutdown test Experimental solution of overload automatic shutdown

it is said that it took nearly 10 years for David zutler, the founder of biota mineral water company in the United States, to find springs without any pollution in the Rocky Mountains at an altitude of 9000 feet, about 2743 meters above sea level. Not only should people drink pure and pollution-free water, zutler has always hoped that his products are environmentally friendly from the inside out, that is, to match his mineral water with a unique environmentally friendly drink bottle

zutler found that Cargill road resin company refined and developed a polylactic acid resin material based on corn, and the bottle made of this material can be completely decomposed in 75 to 80 days. Zutler soon reached an agreement with the company to use this environmentally friendly beverage bottle to hold its own mineral water, which will undoubtedly become a good selling point in the highly competitive bottled water market

at present, beverage bottles are mainly made of plastic based on oil refining, which not only has a great impact on the environment, but also its manufacturing cost often rises with the rise of oil prices. In contrast, corn, the raw material of polylactic acid resin beverage bottles, is more competitive in price. The cost is low. The change-over switch should be turned to the loading position, and it is environmentally friendly and pollution-free

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