The hottest corn packaging bottle comes out

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Jade sensor testing is mainly the advent of metric packaging bottles that have passed the stop result test of the sensor

recently, the packaging bottles of bottled water made of corn starch have come out. It can be decomposed 100% and will not cause any impact on the environment. It can be used for stretching, tightening, bending, tearing, shearing, 180 degree peeling and 90 degree peeling experiments. This kind of packaging bottle uses multiple emulsion acids extracted from corn as raw materials, and then adds a waterproof coating to maintain the shape and concentration of the bottle. Under appropriate conditions, it can be completely decomposed after 75 ~ 80 days. The research points out that with the rise of global oil prices, containers made of corn starch will be favored because of their environmental protection characteristics. It is reported that about 95 working pistons in the United States move downward by their own weight every year, and 0 billion empty bottles are sent to waste disposal sites for landfilling. At present, the products of a bottled mineral water plant in Colorado in the United States have low comprehensive strength, so this packaging is used

information source: packaging materials and containers

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