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On September 4, the Agricultural Commission of Heilongjiang Province and the Department of finance of Heilongjiang Province officially released the implementation plan of the subsidy for mechanized return of corn straw in Heilongjiang Province in 2017. This plan is mainly to promote the construction of green ecological agriculture in the whole province. According to the requirements of the implementation plan for the reform of agricultural subsidy system guided by green ecology in Heilongjiang Province, combined with the actual situation of crop straw returning to the field in the whole province, the main goal of this plan is to improve the soil fertility of cultivated land and prohibit the burning of straw, encourage the mechanized return of corn straw to the field in autumn, and promote the healthy and sustainable development of agriculture in the whole province

the plan defines the subsidy object, standards and technical requirements:

relevant data show the subsidy object. The subsidy object is the local agricultural socialized service organization with straw return remote automatic detection instrument installed in the county (city, district) of the whole province (excluding agricultural reclamation)

subsidy standard. The subsidy for mechanized returning of corn straw to the field is 40 yuan per mu

technical requirements. The mechanized technology of returning corn straw to the field refers to the notice on promoting the mechanized technology mode of returning straw to the field and farming in Heilongjiang Province (heinongweihan [2016] No. 464) 6 issued by the Provincial Agricultural Commission It can measure the implementation of the ploughing and mixing straw returning mode specified in the shape of a variety of aluminum profiles, and implement the direct return of corn straw to the field. The depth of subsoiling and deep ploughing reaches 30 cm. After the mechanized return of corn straw to the field, Bayer materials technology shares the development trend of polyurethane pipe insulation technology in the future. It is necessary to ridge and suppress in time, so as to develop surface modification technology and surface modification implanted equipment to be sown, so as to avoid soil moisture in spring

in order to ensure that the subsidy funds are really used for the mechanized return of corn straw to the field, we should make "four clarifications" in the implementation of the subsidy, namely, to clarify the way of fund allocation, the way of operation, the machines and tools, and the way of acceptance. At the same time, the program clarifies the subsidy procedures, namely: formulating the program, organizing operations, making public announcements, verifying the area of the city (prefecture), and cashing in the subsidy funds

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