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A corner of the Guangdong market: some people are optimistic about someone leaving the market

the Guangdong Provincial Commission of economy and information technology announced the industrial and commercial information updates of the four power selling companies on May 23. Jing Jian observed the changes of the four companies. Some companies expanded their capital registration and cited new investors, while others chose to withdraw. Considering that the inequality of providing 1billion euros in 10-year subsidies for power sales in Guangdong has improved compared with the information during the policy opening period, the entry of a large number of power sales companies and the way that government departments adopt deviation assessment to restrict market speculation, which also limits the idea of many social investors who want to earn fast money

but the opportunities and risks of the market are always interdependent. Some people feel that their judgment is correct, so they will enter the market layout on a large scale, and some people will also choose to exit. This behavior is very market-oriented

let's see what adjustments these four power selling companies have made to expand their registered capital from 100million yuan to 500million yuan, introduce new investors and change legal persons

the original shareholders withdrew, and the maximum load weight structure of the required halogen-free experimental machine was changed according to the breaking force value of the experimental material, so as to expand the total production capacity of the product to 9000 tons per year

shareholders changed, and it is no longer a limited company solely funded by natural persons. At the same time, the experience place and legal person also changed

the original major shareholders withdraw, the equity is redistributed, and the legal person is changed

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