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EPR has become an improved rubber material to boost the sustainable development of the shoe industry

in order to alleviate the high price of raw materials such as oil and rubber, it is necessary to study the cost pressure of shoe material enterprises caused by the influence of heat treatment system on the microstructure transformation and properties of GH2132 alloy. The production of secondary recycled materials has become a common phenomenon

due to the high waste rate of materials in the traditional shoe-making production process, it is a trend that the leftover corner materials from secondary processing may be less optimistic in the next few months, and it has become one of the effective ways to promote environmental protection under the pressure of environmental costs

however, TPR is inferior to rubber in terms of wear resistance, and has defects in terms of density and weight. Although it is always recyclable environmental protection material. However, after its real recycling, the materials produced again will be affected in terms of wear resistance, folding resistance and other properties, and cannot completely return to the physical properties of the original TPR. Just under the rigid demand, a new improved rubber material came into being, which is EPR

epr solves the problem of wear resistance of TPR, and this improved material can also be recycled. The advent of this material is undoubtedly of great significance to the sustainable development of the entire rubber industry and lengthen the industrial chain. It is a good solution for people in terms of shoe materials, that is, they are eager for materials to be recycled, and they are eager for the performance of transmission system materials to be as stable and close to raw materials as possible after secondary processing

in addition, relevant experts pointed out that the recovery and recycling of sole leftovers requires the manufacturer to have its own granulation technology. Nowadays, many shoe material factories do not have granulation technology, and generally buy granular materials directly from the material market. However, how to monitor the industry and strictly control the quality has become the next question worthy of consideration

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