Application of leakage detection technology for th

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Application of leakage detection technology for metal containers (Part 2)

Second, vacuum attenuation method

in this kind of test device, the tested container is sealed, and usually filled with liquid, leaving only a pore on the top of the container. Insert a test head with an air seal ring at the mouth of the container. When pressurized, the air seal ring clings to the container wall to produce a strong sealing effect. The vacuum state is generated in the sealed test tank because the air is sucked away. In the whole test cycle, the special sensor controls the vacuum degree in the test tank from beginning to end

III. helium detection method

this kind of test device uses helium as a tracking gas, which can be sensitive to all parts of the container. The helium detection equipment consists of three parts: detection chamber, high vacuum chamber and gas analyzer. During the test, helium was fully diffused in the container. When the container filled with helium enters the vacuum chamber, start the vacuum pump, and the gas analyzer immediately displays the percentage of helium. A small amount of helium can trigger the rejection system. As soon as the alarm bell rings, the defective container is sent out from another conveyor belt

IV. load cell method

load cell method is generally used for the air tightness test of metal bag containers, and the air tightness of containers is tested by using load cells. The tested bag is placed on the lower conveyor, and the upper conveyor is above the bag, and its height is adjustable. The upper conveyor presses the tested area of the bag placed on the container on the lower conveyor. The movements of the two transmitters are synchronized. On the lower conveyor, there is a gravity balance at the inlet and outlet of the test cycle

the gravity balance at the beginning of the test cycle reads first. The size and elasticity of the bag determine the pressure on the bag generated by the upper conveyor

at the end of the test cycle, the gravity balance reads the second data. If the data measured by two balances are equal or less than the predetermined upper limit value, the bag can be considered as qualified. Otherwise, if the difference between the two readings is greater than the predetermined upper limit, the bag is unqualified

the advanced leakage detection technology not only has high production efficiency and high precision, but also has no impact on the quality of the container itself. Once the input data is permanently reused. As China strives to reduce the cost of metal containers, the packaging industry, especially the barrel making industry, is relatively backward in technology. Most enterprises only pay attention to the production technology of metal containers, spend great efforts to improve and introduce intermediate production equipment, and have not paid enough attention to the leakage detection technology. Therefore, even if the production equipment is relatively equipment manufacturers, the detection technology remains in an original and backward state. This is an extremely abnormal phenomenon

at present, China's metal container leakage detection technology needs to be improved with blue halo technology. It is hoped that when enterprises vigorously improve and purchase advanced production equipment, they will not ignore the improvement of container leakage detection technology. It is also hoped that relevant research departments and metal container production equipment manufacturing enterprises will pay attention to the introduction, digestion and absorption of foreign leakage detection technology, Make efforts for the early improvement of leakage detection equipment in China's metal container industry

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