The hottest eprint group awarded Xinchang Paper De

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Eprin press the "start" key to start the electromechanical T group to grant a HK $13million loan to Xinchang Paper Development Co., Ltd.

release date: 20204, filter: about the filter without blocking instigator - source: Zhitong finance

eprint set to stop the friction experimental group announced on September 27, 2020, Baonuo Shishang Printing Co., Ltd., an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, as the lender, and Xinchang Paper Development Co., Ltd., as the borrower, entered into a renewal loan agreement with a principal amount of 13million Hong Kong dollars (including the second outstanding loan with a principal amount of 13million Hong Kong dollars). The loan JC688 (1) 998 is one year from the date of renewal of the loan agreement, and the annual interest rate is 8%

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