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Epoxy rose 3100 yuan/ton! 2021 keyword "up, up, up"

epoxy rose by 3100 yuan/ton! 2021 keyword "up, up, up"

January 22, 2021

recently, DSM announced that it would increase the price of special engineering materials in Europe, North America, South America and the Asia Pacific region from February 1, with an increase of euro/ton in Europe (about 1569.7 yuan/ton ~ 2354.55 yuan/ton), and US dollars/ton in Asia Pacific, South America and North America (about 1551.22 yuan/ton ~ 2326.84 yuan/ton)

since last year, prices in all walks of life in China have increased to varying degrees, and the prices of some raw materials have even skyrocketed, with no demand for goods. The jump in battery prices has played a strong role in promoting its upstream chemical raw material lithium carbonate. At present, the quotation of battery grade lithium carbonate is generally concentrated in yuan/ton. A trader quoted a high price of 80000 yuan/ton for battery grade lithium carbonate. In the past 30 days, the average price of lithium carbonate has increased by 34.49% and 54.23% in 60 days. The supply level of lithium carbonate market is tight. Driven by the obvious increase in the loading speed of the pressure testing machine used in the production and marketing of terminal new energy vehicles, the installed capacity of power batteries has improved significantly, increasing the demand for lithium carbonate. On the whole, it is expected that the price level of lithium carbonate will continue to rise, with an increase space of 1000-10000 yuan/ton

not only lithium carbonate, the latest quotation of lithium hexafluorophosphate, the raw material of electrolyte, reached 115000 yuan/ton, with a cumulative increase of 10% in the past month, more than 70% higher than the lowest price in the middle of last year. Lithium hydroxide, cobalt, lithium oleate, lithium iron phosphate, ternary materials and other power battery raw materials increased by 5.53%, 14.16%, 9.86% and 9.17% respectively

chemical enterprises sent a letter to increase the price, with the maximum increase of 1500 yuan/ton

Ningxia Dadi Recycling Development Co., Ltd. sent a letter, saying that from 8:30 on the 20th, all models of polyvinyl alcohol PVA products will be increased by 200 yuan/ton

Anhui wanwei high tech materials Co., Ltd. sent a letter saying that from 10:00 on the 18th, the price of wanwei polyvinyl alcohol products in wanwei headquarters, Mengwei company and Guangxi wanwei will be increased by 200 yuan/ton

Shandong Everbright Sailu New Material Technology Co., Ltd. sent a letter saying that the sales price of hydroxypropyl starch ether series products will be increased by yuan/ton from the 20th

dozens of titanium dioxide enterprises will increase by 500-1000 yuan

from New Year's Day 2021, dozens of titanium enterprises such as longmang Bailian, Shandong dawn, Oriental titanium, CNNC titanium, haifengxin, Shunfeng titanium will not import titanium dioxide, otherwise they will not send a letter to announce the increase, with a maximum increase of 1000 yuan/ton in China and 100 US dollars/ton in the world. At present, the spot of titanium dioxide is tight, the price of raw titanium ore is high, and the cost support is strong. It is expected that the high-level operation of titanium dioxide market will be the main in the short term

epoxy resin increased by 3100 yuan/ton within the week

liquid epoxy resin has reached 24500 yuan/ton, an increase of 3100 yuan/ton compared with the previous week, an increase of nearly 15%, and the supply is limited, so the goods need to be picked up in line. The quotation of solid epoxy in Huangshan has reached 19400 yuan/ton, which is 1900 yuan/ton higher than the previous week, or 10.86%. Downstream enterprises hoard goods before holidays, pushing up product prices

bisphenol A increased by 2700 yuan/ton within the week

the quotation of bisphenol A reached 15500 yuan/ton, an increase of 2700 yuan/ton or 21.09% over the previous week. Sinopec Mitsui bisphenol a plant suspended its offer, and the products were mainly supplied to about users; Nanya plastic bisphenol a factory suspended its offer, and its products were mainly supplied to downstream Kunshan epoxy resin and long-term customers. Under the tight supply, the atmosphere was strong

the silicon industry chain is booming, and the organic silicon has increased by 200 yuan/ton.

this week, leading enterprises in the DMC market continue to increase the DMC price by about 200 yuan/ton. The raw rubber market is extremely hot. Most enterprises still maintain stable prices. Some enterprises seal orders and do not report them, mainly to complete old orders. However, some enterprises continue to make profits to further stimulate the market

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