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yesterday (May 11, China) the epoxy resin market was generally stable, mainly characterized by stable liquid products and soft solid products. According to the introduction of 882.6 market experts, due to the high price of epichlorohydrin and the high cost pressure, some manufacturers in East China and Northeast China reduced their production load, but the local leading enterprises Bluestar new material Wuxi resin factory and the new generation Dalian Qihua company are still prosperous in production and sales; Some other manufacturers also showed the momentum of tight supply, and most of their sales were contract customers

at present, the quotation of E-51 (6101) in East China market is 28000 yuan/ton, the actual transaction is about 26500 yuan/ton, and the mainstream price of E-12 (604) is about 21500 yuan/ton. Traders are actively looking for goods; The quotation of liquid products in the Northeast market is about 2600 yuan/ton, which belongs to the alternative ring opening of propylene oxide and the insertion reaction of carbon dioxide on the active center of metal catalyst; The mainstream price of liquid products in South China market is about 26500 yuan/ton, and the market transaction is general. On the whole, the market of solid products tends to be weak. The price of E-12 (604) in Huangshan area, the main origin, fell back to 21200 ~ 21500 yuan/ton, and the price of E-20 (601) fell back to 23500 ~ 24000 yuan/ton. The commencement of some factories is poor. The 12000 ton/year solid epoxy resin installation of Huangshan Hengyuan company, the local leading enterprise, was shut down last night, and the parking time is tentatively scheduled to be 3 days, but whether to start up at that time will depend on the market situation

affected by the high market of upstream raw material epichlorohydrin, the price of epoxy resin is facing choices. If it rises, it needs to consider the downstream acceptance capacity, and if it falls, it is difficult to maintain economic operation. However, at present, the outer market Gaohang has strong support. Market experts said that at present, the offer of Hansen, Dow, South Asia and Jinhu epoxy resin has been significantly increased by $100/ton, and the current quotation is about $2600/ton (CFR China's main port). The domestic market price: Hansen 8 everyone knows that 28 is 28000 yuan/ton, Dow 331 is 27500 ~ 28000 yuan/ton, South Asia 331 is 27500 ~ 28000 yuan/ton, Jinhu 828 is yuan/ton, and the delivery is flat The deal is OK

there is a significant decrease compared with the previous days

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