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Epoxy resin industry: fruitful in the coming year

epoxy resin industry: fruitful in the coming year

January 18, 2018

[China paint information]

the prosperity of products in the epoxy resin industry chain increased significantly in 2017. Bisphenol a market also hit a three-year high, reaching the level of 201 may not be professional in mid July of four years. Liquid resin has reached a new high since 2009. Epichlorohydrin and solid epoxy resin have reached a seven-year high since 2012. Among them, epichlorohydrin is particularly outstanding, with an amplitude of 136.84% in the year

crude oil rose from $27 to $50/barrel, which laid the cost foundation of petrochemical products in 2017. With the increase of energy and chemical costs, the atmosphere in the chemical industry was active. In addition, with the remarkable effect of supply side reform, the excess capacity has been resolved, the environmental protection and safety supervision have been deepened, the positive support of domestic supply side is obvious, the transmission of high costs is smooth, and the enterprise profits have gradually recovered and improved. The epoxy resin industry chain has increased to varying degrees during the year, and the representative products are epichlorohydrin and liquid epoxy resin

with the arrival of 2018, the crude oil market continues to be plagued by production cuts, geopolitics and other factors. The focus of international oil prices may continue to move up, and the annual international crude oil prices may operate within the US dollar/barrel range. On January 1st, 2018, the environmental protection tax law of the people's Republic of China will be officially implemented, and the impact of environmental factors will continue to ferment. Under the background of domestic supply side reform, bulk commodities as a whole are expected to grow by 6 In order to maintain the high volatility trend safely

the industrial chain itself on the epoxy resin industrial chain will also change. In 2018, Wanhua, Shandong Luxi and lihuayi also have new devices that are expected to be put into operation. Coupled with the impact of anti-dumping on the cost of imported goods, the bisphenol a market will operate optimistically under the gap between supply and demand. The supply side of epichlorohydrin, another raw material, will be improved. Shandong Xinyue, Shandong Binhua and other units are expected to be put into operation in 2018. Zhongyu information believes that in addition to following the fluctuation of raw materials, the quality differentiation in the industry will be more obvious. Because the current market is in a high position, the profit space of the industry will be compressed in the later stage, so we need to pay attention to the risk of high-level decline

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