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Eppendorf 5430r tabletop high-speed refrigerated centrifuge is on the market

classic, broad and profound - the new Eppendorf 5430 r tabletop high-speed refrigerated centrifuge is on the market

Eppendorf company, the leader of the world's tabletop centrifuges, recently launched an ultra-high-speed refrigerated centrifuge 5430 R with a wide range of centrifuges, such as 43r/min6, press the start key, exquisite volume. Using advanced centrifuge production technology, this model integrates the ultra-high speed freezing centrifugation with a relative centrifugal force of 130 x g and 8 different rotors into the compact volume of 54 and then press the feed key to loosen the jaw 30R, fully meeting the high-quality conventional sample centrifugation

5430r refrigerated centrifuge inherits the characteristics of 5430 normal temperature centrifuge. It is the smallest refrigerated centrifuge in the market that can centrifuge working plates, 15/50ml Falcon tubes and various blood collection vessels. Its temperature control range is -11 ℃ -40 ℃, and the cavity temperature can be maintained at 4 ℃ even when all rotors are at the highest speed. At the same time, it also has fast temp fast cooling and fast temp Pro fast cooling programming function (FT Pro) to ensure fast and reliable cooling effect. The excellent centrifugal system optimizes the acceleration, deceleration, temperature control, rotor balance and other characteristics to ensure the safety of centrifugation and the repeatability of experimental results. The large backlit LCD screen is clear at a glance and clearly indicates the centrifugal parameters. The fast program button can shorten the lead time and call the most commonly used centrifugal program at any time

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