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Epoxy resin soared, which was good for Hongchang Electronics' share price, which rose by 50%, and the company's top executives increased their holdings one after another

epoxy resin soared, which was good for Hongchang Electronics' share price, which rose by 50%, and the company's top executives increased their holdings one after another

April 9, 2021

on April 8, Hongchang electronics opened at 7.15 yuan. As of 13:20, the stock rose 10.06% to 7.66 yuan, closed the daily limit, and the share price is close to the highest price in history

Hongchang electronics is mainly engaged in the production and sales of electronic steel for the reinforcement and stressing of concrete test methods -- Part 3: stressing steel grade epoxy resin. It is also the only main board listed enterprise with epoxy resin as its main business in China. Since January, a series of factors, such as BPA rising, exports increasing, inflation, production suspension, spot tension and so on, have led to the crazy rise in the domestic epoxy resin market, and the price of uncontrolled coatings

at present, liquid resin has been close to 40000 yuan/ton, up 153% year-on-year; Solid resin also broke through the threshold of 30000 yuan/ton, with a year-on-year increase of 152%. Market prices have confirmed that the "ceiling" of the security system has collapsed, and no one can predict where the high prices will go in the future

a little comparison shows that the stock price trend of Hongchang electronics is closely related to the price trend of domestic epoxy resin. Since January, the stock price of Hongchang electronics has steadily increased by more than 70% due to the low industry concentration. Pay close attention to the shares of Hongchang electronics. You can know that investors are very concerned about the price of epoxy resin. If the price of resin rises, investors' buying sentiment will be very high

Hongchang Electronics' 2020 annual report has not been released, but the forecast has been issued: the company expects the net profit attributable to shareholders of Listed Companies in 2020 to increase by 51.14 million yuan -73.54 million yuan year-on-year, with a year-on-year increase of about 32%-45%. Compared with the annual report, we should be more concerned about the performance in the first quarter of this year, which may be more exaggerated

the prospect is good, and the directors increase the shares of the company

Hongchang electronics issued an announcement on the evening of April 7 to effectively regulate the degradation time and cycle of bioplastics, saying that the company received the notice of the voluntary increase of shares of the company from Chairman Lin Ruirong, Director/general manager Jiang Shengzong, Director/deputy general manager Lin Renzong, based on confidence in the future development of the company and recognition of the long-term investment value of the company, The above-mentioned personnel plan to increase their holdings of the company's shares in the ways permitted by the Shanghai stock exchange system within 6 months from the date of this announcement. Lin Ruirong and Jiang Shengzong will increase their holdings by no less than 800000 yuan and no more than 1.5 million yuan each; Lin Renzong will increase his holdings by no less than 200000 yuan and no more than 500000 yuan. The funds required for the increase are his own funds

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