The hottest epoxy resin with high epoxy value and

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Successfully developed epoxy resin with high epoxy value and low viscosity

high epoxy value Low viscosity epoxy resin has been developed into a low-quality waste product in China. It is easy to interact with electrolyte and produce gas precipitation in the process of charging and discharging cycle reaction. Reading volume: Source: coating | its proprietary high-performance polymer 3D printing material windform XT 2.0 material has passed the screening outgassing test draft of European Space Agency (ESA)

recently, East China University of science and technology has successfully developed a special alicyclic epoxy resin - 6269 epoxy resin, which fills the domestic gap and brings surprises to the industry. This special alicyclic epoxy resin is dipentene dioxide, which has the characteristics of positive suggestions, high epoxy value and low viscosity. It is not only a epoxy resin with excellent heat resistance, but also an epoxy resin diluent with excellent performance

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