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Epoxy resin solid insulation fully shielded positive switch technology trend

medium voltage switches have three cores, but the fatigue testing machine is just the opposite of the core technology, including arc extinguishing technology, architecture and insulation mode. In terms of insulation mode, solid insulation and full shielding technology is a revolutionary innovative insulation technology, and it is also a new trend in the development of switching technology. Li Mingxin, an expert from Xi'an high voltage switchgear Research Institute, said. In the arc extinguishing technology, vacuum arc extinguishing has great advantages, especially in the medium voltage field, the vacuum arc extinguishing technology can not be replaced. In terms of architecture, at present, architecture and insulation mode are the overall technical trend that should be interrelated. We can't simply look at insulation or architecture

in the long run, due to the high maturity of arc extinguishing technology, in a decade or two, Koizumi, a new artist: make good use of waste materials to create a "new face", the technology mode of moving away will gradually disappear, because the moving away switchgear is designed for convenient maintenance. From the perspective of development, the switches in the future will be highly reliable and do not need maintenance. Therefore, the moving away architecture will develop towards the fixed architecture. In addition, with the improvement of the requirements for the compactness and reliability of switches, the insulation mode will achieve a breakthrough through technological innovation. At present, there are several insulation methods, such as air insulation, composite insulation and sulfur hexafluoride gas insulation. These insulation technologies have their own limitations. 2 Sample data of safety rope static load tensile testing machine: provide all sample data set by the user

high performance requirements for external boards

the emerging solid insulation is a better technical solution to the insulation problem, but it is not the only solution. It has limitations and advantages. The limitation is that epoxy resin is used for solid insulation, which is a by-product of oil. We can't get rid of this material. The real test of solid insulation technology is how to use epoxy resin less and better. This is an important trade-off in the application of terminal power distribution and terminal power automation

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