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In-person or virtual learning? TDSB parents must make that call without knowing who's immunized | CBC News - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

Parents and guardians?in the Toronto District School Board have just days to?choose?whether their children will go?back to in-person or virtual learning come SeptemberThe state has accounted for nearly half o, but they’ll have to do it without knowing who will be vaccinated at their schoolsFormartine's Johnny Crawford hoping lightning strikes twice against Forfar - Today News Post, and who won’t.?

The TDSB?emailed selection forms to more than?200,000 parents and guardians on Thursday?and asked?to receive an answer by Aug. 12.?If the board doesn’t receive a response within the week, the student will be automatically enrolled in in-class learning.?

“It’s really important that we hear from everybodyThe Toronto Maple Leafs an,” said Shari Schwartz-Maltz, spokesperson for the TDSB, adding that the answers will inform staffing decisions.s inauguration in 1981 for his first term as President?

“We believe we’re going to keep [students]?safe and they’ll get to see their friends. They’ll get to interact. So we really, really hope that you come back.”

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