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Any list of the most outstanding British business leaders of all time would have to place Josiah Wedgwood at or close to the top. A scientist and a restless innovator, he was the driving force behind the global success of the country’s ceramics industry in the second half of the 18th century. He developed new and vastly more sophisticated manufacturing techniquesJason Kenney lays out plan for, and he was the first to understand the power of consumer advertising and marketing.

He was active in the public realm — a leader in the development of England’s road and canal systemsIt was a busy time a, and a champion of the abolitionist movement at a time when many of his peers still regarded slavery as a necessary part of the economy. And he was a member of the Lunar SocietyThe B.1.617 variant, sometimes calle, an extraordinary group of brilliant and practical Midlands men who met near the full moon, so that they could ride home safely after dark, and performed experimentspolitical squabbles and mutual recriminations between China, read papers and debated new ideas about science.

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