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Perhaps many people are familiar with the mention of whole house customization. Indeed, with the advent of the era of big home furnishings, the customization industry is booming, and the rise of the whole house customization industry has led to great changes in the market pattern. Of course, since whole house customization is the current household fashion trend, a large number of brands are bound to flow into the whole house customization market. Facing such a competitive market, how will the customization industry develop in the future? For groups who want to join in the whole house customization, what exactly does the whole house customization need to know

first point: the products must pass the customs before joining the whole house customization

the core reason why the whole house customized home is popular is that the products are complete and supporting, which is directly related to the product quality. No matter in which industry, product quality should be put in the first place, such as the whole house customized home that is related to everyone's life and health. Wood needs to use high-grade environmental protection materials, and the paint process is also very important. The treatment of small details can reflect whether the product is exquisite and high-grade. Therefore, the whole house customization alliance should test the product quality and check whether it passes the test

second point: the whole house customization needs strength manufacturers

household products are not consumables, but their usability and quality need to be tested over time. Therefore, household products need not only breakthroughs in appearance and design, but also quality requirements and leading technology. This is not what all brands can do. It requires powerful manufacturers and professional technicians to do it. Therefore, before joining a whole house customized brand, you should first go to the brand manufacturer to consider its strength level, and then decide whether to join the brand

third point: the whole house customization franchise must be accurately positioned

throughout the whole house customization industry, there are so many brands. It is not easy to understand all brands one by one, and it will also cost you a lot of time. In this case, what we need to do is not to understand every brand, but to figure out our level positioning first, whether it is medium and low-end or high-end, we should recognize ourselves

in addition, it is to determine their own business philosophy and find brands with the same philosophy to join

what is the prospect of whole house customization? Don't blindly listen to others' words about this question. Before you don't understand this industry, the above three inspections are very necessary. After the investigation, franchisees should also choose their own brands according to their own resources and development direction, according to local conditions and different people

as one of the top ten brands in the whole wood customization industry, tree life considers the dealers personally and supports them from the aspects of products, services, sales and so on. For a long time, Shu life has also advocated the concept of "healthy and green life" to create a fresh and pollution-free living environment for residents. In addition, standard modern production lines, exquisite craftsmanship and a steady stream of original series products have created a good living environment for the customization and joining of the whole house. Choosing tree life is absolutely right and reliable




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