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How to look at the current situation of the seamless wall fabric market? Looking at the historical rings, the seamless wall fabric industry is playing a national policy. With equal strength, one goes up and the other goes up, and there is a lack of strong brands, many seamless walls

how to view the current situation of the seamless wall fabric market? From the perspective of historical rings, the seamless wall fabric industry is playing a national policy. In order to get a place, many seamless wall fabric manufacturers are fighting in the territory of interior decoration and building materials. Can we learn from the wisdom of our ancestors in the chaos so that we can find some inspiration on the innovation road of enterprise management? We should act vertically and horizontally to maximize our interests

seamless wall fabric age

although wallpapers and wallcoverings are the main building materials for interior decoration materials, the consumption penetration rate in the domestic market is about 20%. If seamless wallcoverings are separated separately, the average market is less than 5%, and the regional dispersion is strong, mainly concentrated in the southern market. With the improvement of self consumption and awareness, the clarion call of the era of seamless wallcovering has been sounded, and the substitution of Wallcovering for wallpapers in individual regions is becoming stronger and stronger. The prospect of the market has given birth to the competition of capital for profit against the benefit cake of seamless wallcovering

traditional and modern pains

Shaoxing cardino decorative materials Co., Ltd. has been rooted in the water village and worked hard for more than ten years. It follows the principle of avoiding the edge and seeking stability, and views the opportunities and challenges faced by the current business according to the situation. President Li, the sales director of kanodi seamless wallcovering said, "the theory of the value of things has its objective two sides. Because of the excessive pursuit of stability, the past experience of the enterprise restricts the thinking and hands and feet, and the conservative style is difficult to keep up with the pace of the times, this situation must be changed."

kanodi's core lies in its upgrading from textile printing and dyeing. It has a long history of cloth base production, finishing and embroidery technology. Its resources are mainly concentrated in traditional business areas, and it uses its own advantages to participate in the development, production and sales of seamless wall fabric products. Due to the grafting of the previous cloth market model, in the face of the rapidly changing market, especially the impact of the Internet on the traditional business form, it is invading the carefully cared market share, making the company feel like a mountain rain is coming and the wind is blowing all over the building. Only by meeting the development of the times, changing ideas and introducing new mechanisms will there be new breakthroughs

the combination of technical capital and brand marketing enables each other to work hand in hand to the future to achieve a more perfect operation and management, or look back for three years, and firmly believe that only enterprises that can achieve effective control over quality, reputation and service will have lasting vitality. In the long river of time, may cardino shine with jade




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