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1、 In the light source design room, there should be the concept of main light source and auxiliary light source before the installation of lamps and lanterns. The main light source refers to the lighting dedicated to a certain local space, such as desk lamps and floor lamps for reading, chandeliers on the dining table, spotlights for wall decorative lighting, etc. The auxiliary light source is the headlamp in the middle of each room. Many people do not have this concept when decorating and decorating their homes. 2、 Skirting line quality skirting line in addition to its own function of protecting the wall, occupies a considerable proportion in the proportion of home aesthetics. It is the outline of the ground in the home, and the line of sight often falls on it naturally. The skirting line with beautiful shape and exquisite workmanship can often play a role of eyeballing and add a lot of color to your home. However, the skirting line is often despised by people. I've seen some decorated houses, and I can't see anything bad in the design and construction, but I just don't think the overall effect is very good, and I'm uncomfortable at present. Finally, I found that it's all because of the rough and cheap baseboard that seriously affects the effect. 3、 The installation process of wall cabinet embedded wardrobe or some other cabinets embedded in the wall has many advantages, which not only increases the internal space of the cabinet (can be indomitable), but also makes the cabinet simple and generous. It should be noted that the floor on which the cabinet is placed and the wall on the side of the cabinet must be horizontal and vertical. Otherwise, when installing the cabinet, it will be difficult to deal with the gap, barely fill the gap, the vision will be distorted, appear very rough, the process is not fine, the effect will be greatly reduced, and a group of expensive wall cabinets will be destroyed by these small details. In addition, if it is a sliding door, the uneven ground will also cause the sliding door to not close tightly. Therefore, the ground and wall where the wall cabinet is installed should be strictly horizontal and vertical. 4、 Floor drain regular floor drain drainage should be lower than the ground, which is often easy to be ignored and not easy to transform. Therefore, be sure to remind the decoration workers that the floor drain drainage must be lower than the ground to avoid the phenomenon of flooding the golden mountain after taking a bath every time. 5、 Strength of joint filler when decorating, we generally use white cement powder to fill joints, but its adhesion and water resistance are poor. Cracks will appear after dehydration or in case of cold shrinkage and heat expansion, resulting in water seepage of floor tiles. In addition, the paste fastness and hardness of white cement are not as good as that of joint filler, and its anti discoloration ability is not as good as that of joint filler. It is suggested that consumers should choose caulking agent when decorating at home. 6、 Glass glue mold proof glass glue is the most inconspicuous thing in the process of home decoration. It is mainly used in the repair of cabinets, sanitary ware and other seams. If the glass glue with poor quality is used, it will turn black and yellow after a period of time. It is suggested to buy mould proof products for glass glue during home decoration





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