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In home life, the storage of female friends' jewelry and cosmetics has always been a problem. It is difficult to store all kinds of cosmetics and skin care products

next, the minibus will introduce the storage skills of several cosmetics, hoping that you can find a storage method suitable for your own use habits

first, decorative items are skillfully stored

after the decoration of the new house, there are always some blank places that need to be filled with decorations. Such decorations not only beautify our living environment, but also make the whole house crowded, not to mention the storage. Why not use such space and combine storage and decoration

eye shadow cross dressing is a decorative painting, and the storage rack shows the bright colors in the blank space. Does this storage method conform to your usage habits

second, multi-layer makeup boxes are classified and neatly stored

if you have too many eye black, eye shadow, nail polish, lipstick... How will you store it? If you don't put them in different categories, you will be very distressed when using the transparent storage box. No matter which layer of color you want to use, you can see it at a glance. There is no need to search the full box, and there is a room full of clutter after searching. Transparent and box, without any sundries, the dry box allows your high-quality cosmetics to be protected. Is it a very considerate design

third, customize the storage of cosmetic boxes with the same style

when customizing furniture, consider the use needs of many female friends, and it is best to customize such a group of cabinets for them to store all kinds of cosmetic products and jewelry

now many customized furniture brands can customize that kind of abnormal lockers. You can splice them into your favorite shape through the combination of multiple cabinets

IV. flower arrangement to store the flowers that bloom and do not wither at home

this kind of quarrying is not strange to many families. It can be placed in water or decorated in glass bottles, but you certainly have not thought of using this kind of quarrying to store your various makeup brushes

barens? With excellent thoughts, lifers create a home with a realm for a wise life

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