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Now many real estate projects have launched small leapfrog floors, covering an area of 60~90 square meters. When buying, many people feel that this type of house is still very cost-effective, so the decoration of small leapfrog floors has become a hot topic in the market. But how to decorate the small leapfrog? Next, you can look at the decoration effect drawing of small apartment duplex stairs with Xiaobian

decoration of small apartment duplex stairs

1. Hollow brick stairs

when decorating small apartment duplex stairs, we can use hollow brick decoration. Its handrail design can increase its height according to the increasing level of stairs. The decoration of hollow bricks gives people a very transparent feeling, and the sense of conflict created by white and the overall space is very tacit. The rotating stairs make people feel like a gentle and elegant woman, Elegant and noble

2. Wooden stairs

whether at home or in the office, the frequency of wooden stairs is extremely high, not only because this shape is popular, but also because it is inseparable from its versatile style. Wooden handrails and stainless steel handrails are never out of date, so it is natural to like such decoration

3. Glass handrail stairs

when decorating the small apartment duplex stairs, we can choose the decoration with glass texture as the handrail, which has good permeability, and the design of stainless steel edging adds a lot of color to the stairs. Some plants can be placed on the free ground under the stairs as decoration. If you want to enjoy the beautiful scenery below, transparent glass is perfect

after enjoying the decoration of the above small apartment duplex stairs, are you ready to move on the small apartment? What are you thinking? If you have a small apartment, hurry up and buy a beautiful scenery for your home. For more information about the decoration of the duplex, please continue to pay attention to the information




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