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Pay attention to the secondary Machinery Market: a new choice for industry transformation

move to the secondary market: the common choice of both supply and demand

from the current industry situation, both supply and demand have great enthusiasm for the secondary market. From the supply side, the previous years were a golden age for the development of China's construction machinery industry. From 2010 to 2015, the total sales volume of China's ten listed construction machinery companies reached 850billion yuan. Nowadays, as the construction machinery market is cold, most of the machines produced in that year are idle. For enterprises with these machines, rather than letting them rust and scrap, they might as well accept a relatively low purchase price and sell them to recover part of the investment cost, thus forming a huge secondary supply market

at the same time, in the face of increasingly severe overcapacity in the industry, many construction machinery enterprises also focus on the post market, and the focus of the post market is the second machinery. As a manufacturer, construction machinery enterprises will bring more technical support and services to the secondary market if they enter the post market; The gradual introduction of market economy rules and enterprise competition into the post market field obviously plays an important role in promoting the domestic secondary market, which is still in a state of chaos

from the demand side, the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises have a huge demand for the second market, but domestic brands are not popular in the second market. According to customs statistics, China imports more than 20000 second-hand foreign brand excavators every year, almost equivalent to one third of the annual sales of domestic excavators. The domination of foreign brands over the domestic secondary market is undoubtedly a major obstacle for national enterprises to enter the post market. Under the heavy pressure of profits, domestic construction machinery manufacturers have to start to take seriously the needs of second-hand users, which have been ignored before, and launch fierce competition around the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises for second-hand equipment

the second market mechanism needs to be established.

as the domestic second market is still in its infancy, various market rules have not been established, especially the market pricing mechanism to distinguish quality and wear and tear is still blank. The continuous absence of the price mechanism has led to the proliferation of fake and shoddy products in the secondary market, and the repeated prohibition of shoddy products and fishy eyes, which has seriously damaged the interests of buyers and forced domestic buyers to buy domestic and foreign secondary products with good quality, transparent wear and tear, but relatively high prices

for domestic users, it is a real cost burden to purchase and purchase foreign second-hand machinery when the general office of the State Council issued the "notice on the establishment of a national leading group for the development of new material industry" and the tax system is unfavorable to their overseas transactions. From the perspective of the industry itself, relying on foreign countries to achieve construction and development is not a long-term solution. For enterprises, in the current trading market with disorderly pricing, inferior machines can deceive the world, while high-quality ones are unprofitable. Many factors show that the huge domestic demand cannot be effectively released due to the backwardness of the trading market, and it can only be traded privately or imported products. If the problem of market pricing, which puzzles the domestic secondary market, can be effectively solved, the demand from the domestic market will be difficult to estimate

The ball screw has a more complex structure than the trapezoidal screw

maintenance service promotes the development of the secondary market

in addition to the above two main reasons, some micro level progress has also played a positive role in promoting the development of the secondary market. For example, the improvement of the maintenance level of construction machinery has led to the active atmosphere of the secondary market. Industry insiders said that the rapidly expanding construction machinery enterprises in the "golden age" have cultivated a large-scale maintenance service team while vigorously developing the manufacturing business of main low-carbon steel: samples are gradually flattened and dried. Under the influence of the weak market in the industry, some maintenance personnel choose to leave the enterprise and independently create regional maintenance stations to provide rapid repair services for construction machinery. The existence of these maintenance stations and maintenance personnel has guaranteed the performance and quality of the two to a certain extent, thus promoting the development of the two market transactions


the second-hand construction machinery market is praised as the "gold industry" by the economically developed economies such as the United States, Europe and Japan, such as gb/t17807 ⑴ 999. But for our country, there is still a long way to go to build a developed and perfect second-hand market. How to "turn waste into treasure" of second-hand construction machinery products is of great significance and deserves in-depth consideration by the whole industry. Analysts of China Construction Machinery Information () industry said that the development of China's construction machinery industry is inseparable from a perfect second-hand market. A well-developed second-hand market plays a role in accelerating circulation, saving resources and optimizing market allocation, which is very beneficial to the healthy development of the industry. As a big country of global construction machinery, China should strengthen efforts to regulate the secondary market and create good conditions for the further development of the industry

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