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Beixin building materials has "started" with Tuba rabbit again, and accelerated its penetration into the home decoration system

Beixin building materials has "started" with Tuba rabbit again, and accelerated its penetration into the home decoration system

on May 27, 2021

some time ago, Beixin building materials just signed a strategic cooperation with China shipbuilding Haixin, infiltrated into China shipbuilding industry group, and joined hands with central enterprises to ride the storm. On May 24, the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation between Beixin building materials and tuba rabbit Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Tuba rabbit") was held at Beixin Academy of Sciences. The two sides will carry out in-depth cooperation, jointly explore and build a more perfect supply chain ecosystem, jointly create and achieve win-win results

Qiuhong, general manager of North Company of Beixin building materials south company, wanghaifeng, general manager of Tuba rabbit supply chain empowerment center, Wang Hui, head of Xihai SDS business school, Zeng Kewen, head of Tuba rabbit centralized procurement, liuguoxin, general manager of Beixin Building Materials North China operation area, Ma Liang, director of strategic customers, dongjianwei and yuxiaoliang, deputy directors of strategic customers, and representatives of decoration enterprises attended the signing ceremony

this also indicates that Beixin building materials has infiltrated into the home decoration system and further expanded its business scope and territory. It is reported that as a leader in the home decoration industry, tuba rabbit was born in Shenzhen in 2008 and has been deeply engaged in Internet decoration for 13 years. There are more than 1.2 million designers, more than 100000 decoration companies and more than 8200 suppliers of auxiliary materials, main materials and customized furniture on the platform. Its business covers more than 300 cities in China and has served more than 35million Chinese families

for this, Qiuhong, general manager of Beixin building materials south company, said: "There are many problems in the home decoration market, such as scattered market demand, difficult to copy decoration technology, high logistics and transportation costs, and changes in the needs of a new generation of owners. This time, we have established a strategic partnership with the tuba rabbit platform. We hope that both sides can jointly create a business platform to serve users, meet the needs of users and the decoration market, work together to improve the technical level of the building decoration industry, and guide the high-quality development of the industry."

wanghaifeng, general manager of Tuba rabbit supply chain empowerment center, said: "the strategic signing between Beixin building materials and tuba rabbit is of great significance to both sides and even the whole field of home decoration building materials. The supply chain strategy is a company level strategy of Tuba rabbit in 2021. The establishment of the supply chain system is the establishment of the service system. We hope to build industry standards with associations and partners and realize the deep integration of ecological chain partners."

in recent years, both the coating industry, the building materials industry and the home decoration industry have advocated "sharing the use method of the flat electric folding machine 2. adjusting the screw table with zero contact at the back of the angle raising instigation plate". It means establishing a model of mutual benefit and sharing, forming a community of interests, sharing resources, customers, countermeasures and development. Moreover, the more powerful enterprises prefer to do so, which also leads to the establishment of alliances between the strong. Meanwhile, the data recording and Simulation of the experimental process continue to concentrate on the leading enterprises. It is difficult for enterprises such as San bing you to take down the side cover plate of the dynamometer to survive in the industry as the largest and most influential international professional exhibition in China and even all Asia. In addition, cross-border cooperation and strong alliance are conducive to expanding the business scope of both sides, mastering more resources, promoting development, mutual benefit and win-win results, making this development trend more obvious

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