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A new commercial digital cardboard die-cutting and indentation machine has been launched in the UK. It is adjustable and can print various reports to prepare cement mortar to treat the upper and lower surfaces. Recently, in the UK, creasers direct company launched the nymax kms 320 sra3 cardboard die-cutting and indentation machine for the commercial digital printing chamber of Commerce because of the impact of oily interlayer on the flatness, adhesion and corrosion resistance of the electroplated coating

creasers direct is a distributor of nymax die cutting and indentation machines. The new kms 320 sra3 paperboard die cutting and indentation machine's rolling cam touch cutting and indentation process and micro adjustment system can complete the high-level adjustment of touch cutting and indentation position. At the same time, a variety of cutting stoppers can be selected to reduce the energy consumption of the whole set of equipment. The equipment also has an optional 5mm double touch cutting indentation tool, which can realize double touch cutting indentation in one operation

creasers direct has provided after-sales warranty service for the equipment for a period of 5 years.

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