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The new composite coating is the first to apply energy conservation and emission reduction up to 30%

with the national energy structure adjustment and the stable expectation of relevant energy conservation and environmental protection policies, low-carbon, energy conservation and emission reduction, and energy-saving society have increasingly become a social hot word. As a "green benchmark enterprise", Wanjiale, the leader of gas appliances, adopts high-efficiency energy-saving technology, applies new composite materials, and independently develops and manufactures gas water heaters to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction of 30%, effectively meeting consumers' low-carbon life concept

it is understood that Wanjiale gas water heater is successfully developed by applying the "energy saving and environmental protection surface treatment technology for copper heat exchanger of gas water heater". The new composite coating with the advantages of green environmental protection, high heat conductivity, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance can effectively solve the problems of high energy consumption and high pollution in the production process of the traditional process. Insiders have also said that the application of this advanced new, anti-corrosion and heat-conducting coating to the surface treatment of heat exchangers is of great significance to the adjustment of its experimental speed range for energy conservation, emission reduction and consumption reduction in the entire water heater manufacturing industry

the person in charge of Wanjiale technology center also said that the application of this technology enables the gas-fired water heater to achieve "zero pollution" in the manufacturing, use and recycling process, and greatly reduces the unit production energy consumption of the product. Compared with the existing process, the energy saving reaches 30%. Truly take the first step in low-carbon and energy saving in the gas appliance industry

at the same time, the main technical and economic indicators of this technology approach or reach the world advanced level, greatly improving the international competitiveness of China's gas appliance industry

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