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Neuroscience field: new bionic coating is in action

neuroscience field: new bionic coating is in action

December 16, 2019

researchers at the University of Pittsburgh in the United States developed a coating that can improve the technical performance of microelectrode array (MEA), and won a reward of more than US $2 million from the National Institutes of health, so as to further promote the commercialization and clinical application of this research achievement

microelectrode array is an implantable device through which nerve signals can be acquired or transmitted. It is an important technical means in the field of neuroscience research, which is very important for the development of brain computer interface (BCI) research. Coating coat can also be used for compressive strength experiments of other materials. At present, great progress has been made in the research of brain computer interface, which can operate robot equipment through the mind of human brain

biomimetic coating can reduce the host tissue response to implant materials

Professor Cui, who is engaged in the research of this technology, said, "Researchers have found a microelectrode array with good durability and stable performance, which can improve the sensitivity and quality of capturing records. Our laboratory has developed a biomimetic coating that can reduce the host tissue response to implant materials and improve the quality of records. Manufacturers and users have shown great interest in this technology, but the coating made of bioproteins is fragile, and it is difficult to transport, store and sterilize And other harsh environments may make it lose its biological activity. "

Professor Cui is also in charge of a neural tissue/electrode interface and neural tissue engineering laboratory to study and clinically control the interface function between human tissue and implantable nerve devices through new engineering and technical means. Moreover, Professor Cui will further optimize the stability of the coating film with his research team and formulate technical regulations on protection, storage, packaging, transportation, disinfection, etc. with the financial reward obtained

brain derived neural adhesion molecule

Professor Cui said, "The active ingredients of the biomimetic coating are derived from nerve adhesion molecules, which have the ability of intellectual activity, can promote the activity of neurons and inhibit the attachment of inflammatory cells on the electrode. This is a patented technology, which improves the quality of nerve recording by establishing a healthy electrode neuron interface, and has been proved to be effective. In addition, it will further improve the protein stability through nanotechnology, so that the technology can be widely promoted Wide. "

once the technology has made new progress, the research team will work closely with its collaborators to test and evaluate the performance of the device in rodent and non primate subjects. In addition, the research team will also cooperate with two manufacturing companies, which will contribute to the commercialization of technology and equipment compatibility

long term capture of neural activity 4 The lower part of the needle tip interval: the plane height of the discharge battery is 200mm. Professor Cui said: "In addition to the improvement of brain computer interface research, this technology can also greatly improve our ability to capture and record neural activities for a long time, so that neuroscientists can have a more comprehensive understanding of the various functions of the brain, such as learning, memory, development, aging, disease formation, wound healing and so on. Thus, safety can be ensured."

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