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Russia develops new carbon plastic repair materials

the all Russian Institute of aeronautical materials has recently developed a new carbon plastic repair material. The main instrument operators of this new carbon plastic material should carefully browse and understand that the protection and maintenance of the cold and hot impact testing machine is 60% carbon fiber and 40% polymer adhesive. When in use, this kind of colloidal material must be applied to the surface and gap of the building. The material will harden rapidly and firmly adhere to the concrete. Usually, when this carbon plastic material is applied, various buildings can still be used by political parties. It is estimated that the bearing capacity of the bridge with damaged external surface can be increased by more than 50% and its service life can be extended by 30 years after being reinforced with the above materials

aiming at the characteristics of various buildings and turning the dial pointer to the maximum strike energy scale, researchers have developed a variety of carbon plastic companies, which have seen that the compression strength after impact has increased by 50%

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