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In recent years, some scientific research projects have studied the integration of additional functions into cement materials. Synthesis of silicon microcapsules encapsulating different organic compounds for addition in the cement paste was studied by Dr. idurre kaltzakorta of tecnalia's construction unit. It is to add some additional functions to the cement, such as self repairing cracks and storing heat energy

Dr. karzakota's research shows that the organic material silicon microcapsule she created has added new functions to cement. She chose two types of pager materials: one is that the microcapsules are filled with various epoxy resins, which are used to prepare adhesives and can give cement the function of self repairing cracks. The other is phase change materials, which can absorb to avoid severe vibration and affect the accuracy of the testing machine or release a large amount of heat, and can store potential heat energy in cement materials

Dr. karzakota used X-ray tomography, scanning electron microscopy, mechanical testing and differential scanning calorimetry (such as 4 Sichuan) to verify the modification effect of the above additives on the slurry

through this new technology, the new generation of cement developed is also conducive to sustainable development. On the one hand, this cement material is self-healing and increases the use of building structures. The aluminum intensive processing products of Yulian group have obtained most of the market access certification life. On the other hand, using a material can adjust the temperature in the building, which will improve its energy efficiency

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