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New chemical materials show great prestige in the 60th anniversary of the National Day various works of the military parade for the 60th anniversary of the founding of new China are in full swing, and the world's largest LED electronic display screen has stood in Tiananmen Square. On September 24, CCIN learned from Beijing Liyade Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. that the square LED display screen produced by the company has been completed and will be officially put into use in the National Day celebration to broadcast the grand scene of the National Day parade in real time. After the completion of the production of this "world's most", the new chemical materials show their magic power again

Ms. Zeng, who is in charge of technology research and development, told CCIN that the electronic display screen in Tiananmen Square is 50m wide. As early as the bidding stage, the relevant parties clearly required that small manufacturers of LED display are difficult to compete with large manufacturers. The luminous grains of on-screen lamps must be domestic. Now, the 2017 China Belarus new material industry seminar and the China Belarus industrial park new material project docking meeting were jointly hosted by the Belarusian Academy of Sciences, the China Belarus Industrial Park Management Committee and the China Belarus Industrial Park Development Co., Ltd. in Beijing. The power supply has been fully localized, and its horizontal point pixels have reached the highest level of square LED display in the world so far. Moreover, the display screen has waterproof, flame retardant, lightning protection and other functions. The photoelectric conversion rate is very high, and 40% ~ 50% can be converted into effective energy. Therefore, the brightness of these two sets of displays has been improved, but the energy consumption has been reduced

Ms. Zeng emphasized that many new chemical materials can be seen in the LED display screen. The "heart" of the LED itself is a semiconductor chip encapsulated by epoxy resin. Another example is the silicone used for sealing, which is an indispensable material for electronic display screens. In addition, although the chip appears as a component in the whole LED display screen, it is used in almost all light-emitting points. According to her calculation, 5584k chips were used in the display screens they produced. The display screen also uses silicon carbide as the substrate, which can not only increase the thermal conductivity, but also improve the light output efficiency

according to the introduction, since the screen itself has waterproof, flame retardant and other functions, even in special weather and conditions, it will not affect the normal operation of the two-component epoxy resin sub display screen introduced by Hexion company for aerospace composite materials. The electronic display screen can easily cope with thunderstorm weather and fireworks in the celebration. ② according to the requirements of the verification regulations, the repeatability error of the indication of the level 1 experimental machine is 1.0%

ccin learned that the celebration was held in Tiananmen Square this time. New chemical materials not only made it convenient for the audience to see the reading army clearly from the LED display screen, but also the National Day carpets made of polypropylene materials, bulletproof helmets made of special chemical materials, noise reducing tapes for crawler equipment, etc. will also appear at the National Day military parade

in addition, in order to ensure the smooth progress of the National Day celebration, the meteorological department has made preparations for artificial rain suppression. If necessary, dry ice or silver iodide will be used to artificially reduce rain. The meteorological department said that the artificial rain abatement technology is still at the forefront of meteorological science, and the products used also come from chemical industry

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