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Our ancestors used clay to build houses. Experts from the laboratory of BASF company in Germany recently found that adding 2.5% styrene resin to clay can fundamentally improve the material properties of clay. The unburned clay is no longer afraid of water, and its bending strength can also be increased by three times. Scientists conducted comparative research under the grating electron microscope and found that there were many tiny "plastic bridges" in the treated clay, which fundamentally changed the hard and brittle properties of the clay. The scientists also repaired the two-stage scroll spring fatigue testing machine in Siegen, central Germany. The first one is to do the experiment in the high and low temperature box: the wall. After 10 months of exposure to the rain forest, the ordinary mud wall has collapsed, but the mud wall with styrene resin is intact. This 3 The outstanding performance of the new clay with abnormal hammer return makes scientists believe that the revival period of clay building materials has come. The use of clay is more conducive to environmental protection, which can not only reduce the series of pollution caused by the production of steel bars and cement, but also make people's work and life closer to nature and healthier

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