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Stora Enso launched the 2013 national campus recruitment plan of Beihai Forest Pulp and paper project on October 9, 2012, Stora Enso group released the 2013 large campus recruitment plan with the theme of creating your growth in China, targeting tens of thousands of students from more than 20 colleges and vocational schools across the country, with a target of recruiting more than 300 students. Sina's official Weibo called Stora Enso campus recruitment and owatsto, a specially customized recruitment station, were also launched on the same day according to different materials and small and micro markets to carry out interaction and Q & A with college students

Stora Enso's recruitment team will enter Guangxi University in Nanning on October 15, and will visit 10 universities such as Northeast Forestry University, Nanjing Forestry University, Southwest University, Shaanxi University of science and technology and many colleges and universities in Guangxi and surrounding provinces and cities in the next two months to have face-to-face exchanges and communication with fresh students. The recruitment of Stora Enso campus is mainly for students majoring in machinery, chemistry, automation, electrical and forestry. The positions released include engineers, foresters and other positions, such as finance, administration, procurement, logistics, etc

as one of the largest forest paper industry groups in the world, Stora Enso group was founded in 1288. On March 22 this year, Stora Enso group announced that it would invest 1.6 billion euros to build a forest pulp paper integration project in Guangxi. This is by far the largest single investment project of Nordic countries in China. The project plans to operate 120000 hectares of sustainably managed eucalyptus plantations. The integrated chemical plant to be built will adopt the world's latest mature advanced technology and technology. The main equipment suppliers are world-class manufacturers in the industry. The goal is to build 900000 tons of pulp and two 450000 tons of high-grade paperboard production lines and corresponding power plant auxiliary equipment

it took about 30 months for the pulp and paper plant of Stora Enso Guangxi forestry pulp integration project to be officially put into operation. After civil engineering, equipment procurement, installation, commissioning, trial operation, production and other procedures, it is planned that the company will pay more attention to the investment downstream of the industrial chain in the future, and will be completed and put into operation in the fourth quarter of 2014. From the establishment to operation of the new plant, together with the forestry project, the talent demand of the project will reach nearly 2000 in the next two to three years. The job location of this campus recruitment is mainly located in Beihai, Guangxi. Beihai is located in the Beibu Gulf Economic Zone along the southern coast of China, with beautiful scenery and known as a natural oxygen bar. The investment of Stora Enso Beihai project will drive the continuous influx of high-end talents, contribute to the local economic development and employment in Beihai, and jointly help improve the comprehensive competitiveness of this historic and cultural city

Stora Enso set the theme of this campus recruitment activity as creating your growth, and is committed to providing high-speed growth jobs for students. This information is best considered in the early stage, including career motivation, professional growth opportunities and multi-dimensional growth space. In 2013, it is planned to recruit a total of more than 300 college graduates. The graduates will have the opportunity to cooperate with Stora Enso's global team, receive systematic training in language, major, leadership and learning at home and abroad to selectively remove aluminum positions, and have broad growth space

Ms. EVA Karlsson, who is in charge of the recruitment of Stora Enso Beihai Forest Pulp paper integration project, said that the purpose of this campus recruitment activity is to successfully attract the talents needed for the development of enterprises. Today's students will be the mainstay of Stora Enso Guangxi project construction and operation in the future. Excellent graduates are the future management elites of the enterprise. They have knowledge, ideals, diligence, enthusiasm and are willing to accept challenges. For Stora Enso, an international paper giant with a history of more than 700 years, talent sustainable development planning and talent value concept are the only secrets for enterprises to be evergreen. Enterprises will also carry out social recruitment for high-end talents nationwide in the future

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