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Uncover the wealth creation story of the "best" businessmen

Li Yun: compete for "hard power"

"Han Zhi" in the virtual world, which is a women's clothing brand born of connections. Since its birth in December last year, the daily sales volume has reached 20000 to 30000 yuan in less than two months. After interviewing "Han Zhi" boss and Hangzhou native Li Yun, I realized that this was not magic. The rapid fame of "Han Zhi" is based on his years of hard work in the clothing industry and his foresight

in 2000, when the business form of discount stores was not known to most people, Li Yun created the discount brand "miaombo". Today, there are more than 30 "miaobao" discount chain stores in the streets and alleys of Hangzhou, and the number of stores across the country has reached more than 700

by 2007, many clothing enterprises only regarded stores as channels for selling out of season products and inventory, while Li Yun set up an independent company to launch independent brands. At present, the team serving "Han Zhi" has reached the scale of more than 40 people, including 5 designers, 15 customer service personnel who provide sales and after-sales support, and more than 10 logistics personnel who are specialized in matching accessories and packaging for clothing

"now, we have specially hired Korean design consultants, which can produce more than 1500 new models per quarter on average." Li Yun said that his goal is to create "Luo Zara". Like this best-selling brand in the United States, it has fashionable design, easy price and fast circulation ability due to the effect of the inclined plane when the friction force pulls the jaw (wedge). These are based on the analysis of a large number of sales data in the early stage and the accurate grasp of the psychology of buyers

due to its success in networking, "Han Zhi" has entered offline physical stores. In just one month recently, "Hanzhi" has developed more than 20 franchise stores across the country. Li Yun said that "Hanzhi" will have a better future by combining its strong brand radiation with the rapid delivery display of physical stores

[interview insights]: if online retail started from a small personal fight, today, more and more small and medium-sized enterprises began to enter this platform. However, Nuggets is not as simple as connecting the world with one line. What needs to be studied is business model, marketing methods, customer psychology, after-sales service, and even online and offline positioning. The business competition in the virtual world is not virtual, but also tests people's vision and strength

Xiao senzhou: to get rid of impetuosity, persistence can be successful.

at first, I just wanted to sell my own tea. I didn't expect that now I still drive the villagers to sell tea under the pressure of rising raw material and energy costs

the sales performance in 2006 was only 1000 Jin, and that in 2007 was 10000 Jin, with a growth rate of 10 times, making "senzhou", the tea brand of Anxi Tieguanyin, a famous brand in the world

Focus on the development of new aluminum based materials and high-end equipment to manufacture new aluminum alloy materials

Xiao senzhou, when he just opened a store in luoshang in 2006, he was not familiar with computers and had never been in business. However, he went to Taobao university to study all night every day for a week, starting from taking pictures bit by bit, and built the store bit by bit. In order to gain the trust of friends, he uploaded his personal photos and information, and created a personal real name brand. Start sending out a lot of tea, no need to pay if it's bad. His family unanimously opposed his actions

he said: "we are studying more durable and heat-resistant nylon. In addition to working for more than 10 hours a day, there are no weekends and holidays. After two years of persistence, we finally become a 3 crown part-time seller. Now, six people, including my sister and mother, help deliver goods every day.

" it is easy to start a business with low cost, but it is easy to give up when encountering difficulties. " Xiao senzhou said, "to get rid of impetuosity, make more friends, and stick to it in order to win."

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