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Stop the decline and maintain stability. The pet market quotation in North America returned slightly in June

after the overall market trend in May was basically stable with a valve hole diameter of 10mm, the pet quotation in North America began to recover slowly in June, with an increase of 2 cents/pound

according to the analysis data, the pet price rise in North America is the first rebound since 2014. Foam chose some minor fixture granulators. Before that, pet prices in the region had fallen in April, with a total decline of 5 cents/pound. Although the pet market quotation in North America basically stopped falling and remained stable in May, it began to rise slightly in June. However, compared with the same period last year, the current overall pet quotation in the region is still down 3 cents per pound

market participants pointed out that the price trend of pet in North America continued to decline in the first half of this year, mainly due to the weakening demand in the terminal beverage market. As an important raw material for carbonated beverage bottles, pet is gradually losing its position in the beverage market due to the change of consumer preferences. In addition, the decline in the cost of upstream raw materials also further lowered the pet market quotation

"in June, the global pet production raw materials were still in a state of oversupply, so it could not form a strong support for the rise in pet prices. However, in July, these raw materials have begun to show a tightening trend. It is expected that in the next few days, the pet market quotation in North America is expected to rise further." Said a local manufacturer

in terms of price changes, the rise and fall of pet in North America in the first half of this year has accumulated to 7 cents/pound, which has exceeded the same period last year. Market analysts said that the overall rise and fall of pet in the region in 2013 was 12 cents/pound, a record low since 2007

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