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Stora Enso launched a new type of wine bottle label paper with full length that can make use of the saw blade

stora paper's changes in temperature, product size, humidity, etc. universal specialty paper company, a subsidiary of Lara ENSO paper company, first exhibited a kind of S-type fast self-adhesive label paper uniset SA produced for the beer industry at the American label exhibition held from September 11 to 14

uniset SA provides more choices for enterprises using plastic film as labels. This kind of self-adhesive label paper has faster curing speed and better peelability. At present, Stora Enso is cooperating with some large American brewing enterprises to test this label, and the specific test process is still in the confidential stage. Stora Enso global specialty paper Co., Ltd. showed the process of labeling production with uniset SA label paper at the label exhibition. In order to work with uniset SA, Stora Enso also developed a new paper liner, which was also displayed at the label exhibition

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